Greenyarn Launches Eco-Fabric Compression Socks

New 200 needle count cuff-less socks provide utmost comfort for travel.

Boston, MA, November 01, 2014 --( Greenyarn, a Boston nanotech company developing advanced, eco-friendly products for consumers, is launching new eco-fabric compression socks.

"There are a lot of advancements in the sock machines in the past 10 years," said Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn. "Everything is automated and we have now almost completely flat seams with the new stitching provides utmost comfort for sensitive feet."

Containing Eco-fabric, lycra and acrylic, these compression socks wick moisture and are cushioning unlike any other socks. The advanced 200 needle count full cushioning construction reduces the chance of getting blisters and do not constrict blood flow as these socks have gradual tapered compression zones with no cuffs. The Eco-fabric contains nano-particle of bamboo charcoal, are naturally deodorizing, antibacterial and emits far infrared energy.

Far Infrared energy is a low energy form of light that dips through the skin layer and massages the cells below, stimulating healthy metabolism and blood circulation. This helps people with diabetes or with foot problems have better circulation.

"Many customers buy these compression socks when they fly," said Navin Weeraratne, Greenyarn's South Asia accounts manager. "These socks are so cushioning that you don’t need to wear shoes on the flight and you can avoid getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on a long-haul flight."
Greenyarn LLC
Robin Low