Zero-G Flight Raffle at World's Biggest Space Celebration

Houston, TX, November 04, 2007 --( Celebrate the dawn of the space age with Yuri’s Night Houston. On April 12, 2008, a celebration in honor of mankind’s first steps into space will take place with food, music, games, and a raffle for a free zero-gravity flight.

What is Yuri’s Night? On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin made his historic flight around the Earth and became the first human in space—an instant hero who opened the dream of spaceflight to all humanity.

Exactly 20 years later, on April 12, 1981, the first space shuttle was launched. Yuri's Night is a tribute to the space achievements of both Russia and the United States. By celebrating and teaching everyone the importance of these events, Yuri’s Night seeks to inspire people around the world to take on tough challenges and never to cease exploring the unknown.

“Our vision for 2008 is to throw the world’s biggest and best space celebration,” said Nick Skytland, Yuri’s Night Houston Program Chairman.

Last year, Yuri's Night was celebrated on six continents, in more than 20 countries, and at over 130 individual events. It has become a major global event that connects, educates, and motivates people of all cultures and nations.

The events planned for the 2008 Houston celebration include a 5K Fun Run for charity, a Space Day with interactive exhibits that will allow people to discover how and why we explore space, and, to top off the night, a celebration that is open to the public.

With the help of Jacobs Engineering, the Houston team is again planning to raffle a trip to experience weightlessness aboard Zero-G’s Boeing 727. Last year’s raffle winner experienced almost 6 minutes of weightlessness.

“I am proud that Jacobs Engineering can play a significant role in Yuri’s Night. It is through the achievements and sacrifice of people from all countries and all walks of life that we have a permanent presence in space and are now returning to the moon to stay,” said Lon Miller, General Manager of Jacobs’ Engineering and Science Contract.

Last year, more than 400 people attended Yuri’s Night Houston, which is hosted by the American Astronautical Society, and this year the Houston team plans to build on that success.

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Yuri's Night Houston
Michael Frostad