Business-Inform on RemaxAsia Expo 2014

On October 15-18, 2014 an international conference It’s Time – Rt Imaging Summit Zhuhai @2014 and two exhibitions, RemaxAsia Expo 2014 and iPrint Expo 2014, took place in Zhuhai (China). The organizer of all three events was Recycling Times Media Corporation (China).

Moscow, Russia, October 31, 2014 --( 453 companies from different countries participated in these events. According to the organizers during the three days the event was visited by more than 13500 people from 85 countries. It is the first time that the exhibitions are being held at Zhuhai Exhibition Center.

Russian informational agency Business-Inform took part in the event already for the third time, for the first time having its own booth. The aim was to present to foreign companies specialists the Agency’s products (magazines, catalogs, 3d-printers, databases, marketing research results), as well as a Russian Office Equipment, Printing Supplies, and Parts International Exhibition Business-Inform 2015 and Business-Inform Informational Project in full (booth E330). According to the participants of the Chinese expos, Business-Inform's presentation was quite successful. The visitors of E330 booth thoroughly studied and evaluated Agency’s production, the structure of Business-Inform exhibition and project, learned about Business-Inform 2012, 2013, 2014 report programs and basic results, expressed interest in participation in Business-Inform 2015 International Exhibition (Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center (Vdnkh), May 19-21, 2015).

Visitors and participants of the Chinese exhibitions were greatly interested in three reports regarding the specifics of the Russian printing equipment and supplies market made by Information Agency “Business-Inform” General Director, Mr. Malinsky Stanislav. The first report called “Threats and Opportunities in Russia” was presented at It’s Time – Rt Imaging Summit Zhuhai @2014 conference organized by Recycling Times Media Corp. (China) on October 15 in Holiday Inn Zhuhai hotel’s conference hall. 212 specialists from more than 80 countries, who took part in the event highly ranked the report, which demonstrated the negative consequences of low quality new compatible cartridges mass shipments into Russia. The speaker also demonstrated the potential threats of patent wars to the Russian market, noting that there will be no winners in these wars. The negative consequences of patent wars will impact not only the shipments of compatible cartridges into Russia, but the whole Russian market of printing equipment.

Besides the report regarding Russian market the It’s Time – Rt Imaging Summit Zhuhai @2014 conference saw the presentation of a new Business-Inform Review, Issue for Professionals magazine, prepared by Information Agency “Business-Inform” and Recycling Times Magazine especially for Russian professionals in the field of printing equipment and supplies sales and usage. The main sections of the magazine are: Marketing, Printing Outsourcing, Patents and Intellectual Property, Office Equipment and Printing Technologies, Printing Supplies, Business-Inform Project, and Recycling Times Media Corporation News. Starting from 2015 this magazine will be published in Russia on quarterly basis.

The second and the third reports were presented by mr. Malinsky on 17 and 18 of October within the framework of RemaxAsia Expo 2014 seminar program. The first report, “Russian Printing Supplies Market: Major Trends and Prospects” demonstrated the basic statistical data regarding the volumes of printing equipment and supplies sales during 2004-2014, explained the main tendencies in detail, made a forecast for Russian market development on 2015-2017. The speaker showed a serious concern while demonstrating to the audience the statistics of Russian buyers dissatisfaction with a low quality of new compatible cartridges for laser printing, he explained the reasons for this dissatisfaction and its possible impact on the Russian supplies market in 2015-2017. The speaker also analyzed the possible impact of political sanctions on the Russian market in 2014-2015, especially noting that a necessity of import substitution production development in Russia will provide the Russian printing equipment market with certain stability. In the final part of the report Mr. Malinsky invited everyone present to participate or simply visit Business-Inform 2015 International Exhibition that will be held in Moscow, on 19-21 of May, 2015.

The third report, “How to increase cartridge sales in modern conditions in Russia”, presented by Information Agency “Business-Inform” on RemaxAsia Expo 2014, was dedicated to the analysis of the dynamics of the main factors influencing the decision of the Russian buyer procuring printing cartridges, and also to the changes, which are necessary to introduce into products presentation and promoting in Russia. The speaker, Mr. Malinsky, didn’t only analyze the main factors influencing the buyer’s choice of laser cartridges but also mentioned the most common mistakes made by Chinese suppliers when presenting their goods in Russia, demonstrated the variants of correct solutions for informational support of Chinese products presentation in Russia, using the options of Business-Inform Informational Project.

On the whole, the participation in RemaxAsia Expo 2014 and iPrint Expo 2014 in Zhuhai left Business-Inform specialists with quite positive impressions. Numerous new contacts with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and American companies were established, some of these companies already offered to cooperate. The experience received from participation in a large international exhibition will surely be useful for Russian specialists in organizing Business-Inform 2015 International Exhibition.
Sergei Zubkov
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