Business-Inform on Transform Europe 2014 Conference

On October 21-22 in Prague (Czech Republic), in Design-hotel Elephant, an international conference Transform Europe 2014 took place, dedicated to the wide spectrum of printing outsourcing practical realization and development problems.

Moscow, Russia, December 24, 2014 --( The organizer of the conference was Photizo Group, a US research agency, most competent, competent, and informed company in the field of worldwide printing outsourcing studies. The leading specialists form the leading companies in IT-outsourcing field took part in the conference: Edward Crowley (Photizo Group Ceo), Anders Sorman-Nilsson (Thinque founder), Marko Tarkiainen (Managed Enterprise Solutions, Printing&Personal Systems Group Emea at Hp Vice-President), Ken Stewart (Photizo Group Vice-President), David Morrow (PrintFleet Cco), Kewin Morris (Onedoc Ceo), James Duckenfield (Newfieldit Managing Director), Petr Hacmac (Myq Middle East Ceo), Frederik Kunst (N-able Emea Director of Sales), Gary Fry (Global Graphics Ceo) and others. Information Agency “Business-Inform” was the Russian informational sponsor of Transform Europe 2014 conference.

During the two days the participants of the conference were listening to more than 20 reports by the most competent international specialists in printing outsourcing, they also exchanged views on actual issues of printing outsourcing development and implementation in different countries. They shared their technical and technological solutions to the most recent issues and discussed the forecasts and perspectives regarding the development of the industry. The wide range of problems undoubtedly was interesting and beneficial for all the participants of the conference. How to overcome the conflict of interests between the user and the supplier? Are digital technologies killing paper document workflow? How to provide the stable success in this fast-changing world? Which printing technologies are more promising? Discussion of these and many other issues was left to the numerous participants of the conference.

It is pleasant to mention that among other reports made by acknowledged leaders in the field of printing outsourcing a report provided by Russian company Teko attracted a significant interest. Eugeny Obliznikov, Teko Marketing Director (Moscow) told in detail about the specifics and the development of printing outsourcing in Russia, and about Prisma project created by Teko and its perspectives.

The warm atmosphere of the conference created by its organizers from Photizo Group (Terry Crowley Photizo Group Expo and Conference Organizing Director in the first place) stimulated the active professional discussion of printing outsourcing practical implementation actual issues. The conference ended its work on October 22, and the participants went home to apply new knowledge in their everyday work.
Sergei Zubkov
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