Are You Fit for Work? Wearable Activity-Tracking Devices Focus of Corporate Health & Wellness Association Challenge

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, November 06, 2014 --( Your boss – or the manager responsible for designing the company’s wellness program -- is about to let you know just how fit you are for work. The Corporate Health & Wellness Association has made a commitment to target new initiatives on the growing trend in employer use of wearable fitness devices. The Corporate Health & Wellness Association announced today the “Wearable Fitness Device Challenge,” a month-long competition that will pit employers against workplace counterparts from across the United States.

The goal of this four week challenge is to put fitness devices – those wearable gadgets wrapped around wrists, slipped onto waistbands or dropped in a pocket to measure and manage everything from overall exercise movement to diet and sleep patterns – to the test while on the jobsite, at home, and at play.

“Fitness trackers are all the rage of corporate wellness programs,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Corporate Health & Wellness Association®: “Too often technology has been blamed for seducing inactivity among us. The truth is more employers are incorporating these sleek-looking devices into health programs to set goals, influence motivation to achieve them and monitor personal activity, not only during workouts, but also at work, which can be equally, if not more, important to reducing obesity, stroke and stress.”

Company’s taking part in the “Wearable Fitness Device Challenge” – those of which include Intel, LL Bean, Hallmark, Pitney Bowes, Verizon, Advocate Healthcare, ITW, Hewlett Packard, LinkedIn, Google, Marriott International, Walgreens, Meijer, Crowley Maritime, Hallmark, Cleveland Clinic and Chipotle -- will identify the latest in activity tracker technology from the likes of Garmin, Jawbone, Withings, Misfit and others and then offer verdicts on the success of each gadget after they are worn.

The fitness tracker market approached $85 million in 2013, representing a 35 percent jump from the year before, according to the data tracking site NerdWallet. And that’s just getting started. Canalys estimates that more than 23 million units will be sold by 2015, and more than 45 million by 2017. ABI Research predicts at least 13 million wearable devices will be incorporated into employee wellness programs by 2018.

Employers looking to keep pace with corporate wellness strategies and encourage employees to wear motion tracking devices can take a step in the right direction by participating in the challenge. To reserve a place, at the “Wearable Fitness Device Challenge,” contact Stacy Jacobson, at, or 561-790-1176, ext. 811.
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