Thought Police Interactive Openly Distributes Alpha Draft Version of Arthur's Legacy

TPI Fiction, an indie publisher, is releasing the alpha version of the Arthur's Legacy storygame, or roleplaying game, freely under a Creative Commons license in preparation for an upcoming open beta.

Buffalo, NY, November 11, 2014 --( Thought Police Interactive (TPI Fiction), an indie collaborative storytelling and roleplaying game publisher, announces the open distribution of the original Arthur's Legacy alpha release. This draft release was used by live action roleplaying, tabletop roleplaying, and living room storygaming groups for playtesting and personal enjoyment.

Celebrating the upcoming public beta release of Arthur's Legacy, TPI Fiction has released the alpha edition on its Facebook page and Google Books in PDF format. The alpha is also being published as a series of public posts on the Nation of Avalon website, the official home of Arthur's Legacy.

The release helps makes the historical version and rough draft material widely accessible in preparation for the public beta phase. "We believe that making the old version accessible is important for people to see the changes made and provide better feedback. Our fans and the general public are an invaluable asset. There's also a lot of nostalgia from our previous playtesters for this version and we want it easily, freely available to them," said Peter Casey, creator and lead developer of Arthur's Legacy.

Arthur's Legacy is a modern fantasy Arthurian roleplaying game. It is also described as collaborative storytelling and a storygame. The setting depicts the Rise of Avalon in the modern age. With its return, a Rebirth brings forth a wide array of mystics and mythic creatures. It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.

Thought Police Interactive continues to develop Arthur's Legacy in a series of planned steps. After the complete release of the alpha edition, an open beta will begin. The open beta will be released in a series of articles on the Nation of Avalon, culminating in a full release of a complete PDF, including publication through Google Books. After the beta phase, a full published release version will be issued. It will be available in e-book and POD physical print formats.

The alpha and beta releases will be free to the public. Open enrollment for the beta phase is ongoing. For more information, you can follow Arthur's Legacy on Facebook (, TPI Fiction on Twitter (, and visit the Nation of Avalon, official home of Arthur's Legacy (

About Arthur's Legacy

Arthur's Legacy is a unique cross-genre storytelling game. It utilizes the Opus Storygame system, a diceless RPG system that utilizes a form of resource management and points bidding for conflict resolution. It depicts the return of the Isle of Avalon, an event called the Rise of Avalon. The Rise triggers a Rebirth and new mystical Age is called into being. King Arthur, Prince Mordred, and other legendary figures rise from Slumber and otherwise return to the world. The actors in a standard production portray knights with mystical abilities who are evolving into avatars of the ideals they call upon.

About Thought Police Interactive Fiction
Thought Police Interactive Fiction (TPI Fiction) is a DIY publisher utilizing electronic distribution and print on demand technology to release its products. TPI Fiction publishes storygaming and roleplaying game systems, settings, and related fiction. Opus Storygame is the unique bidding system used for task and conflict resolution. For more information, contact


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