XebiaLabs and Diabol to Stage Events on Continuous Delivery

Sweden shows pent up demand for systems development and Continuous Delivery.

Boston, MA, November 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- XebiaLabs (http://www.xebialabs.com) today announced it has partnered with Diabol (http://www.diabol.se) of Sweden, a systems development consulting firm that has shown remarkable expertise working with clients on their software development and release strategies in their native markets. The plan is for the two companies to team up and sponsor local tech events that will showcase how Continuous Delivery can provide higher production values with respect to Agile software development and the release process.

“Continuous Delivery is a development strategy that optimizes your delivery process for high-quality software with the shortest possible delivery time,” said Peter Ferm, CEO of Diabol. “We’re looking forward to working with XebiaLabs to present our findings and to show how the CD approach enables organizations to validate their business ideas and then iterate new ideas and changes to users quickly. Continuous Delivery has consequences for the entire product delivery process, including front-end design and analysis functions.”

Supporters of Agile and Continuous Delivery need a way for distributed teams spanning business, development, testing, and operations, to create an end-to-end lifecycle value chain. XebiaLabs and Diabol will co-create seminars to educate DevOps teams looking to benefit from the use of lightweight, plug-and-play software delivery automation tools for deployment, on-demand environment provisioning, Agile test management, and release management.

“It’s no secret that Continuous Delivery can provide higher production rates that yield higher quality software. With Diabol’s help, companies in Sweden can realize the benefits of a true Continuous Delivery model, where the process of building, packaging and testing is completely automated," said Jesper Scheuer-Larsen, who manages the Nordic operations for Xebialabs. The new Nordic Xebialabs office is based in Denmark.

XebiaLabs is the developer of XL Platform, a suite of applications comprising XL Deploy, for application release automation, XL Release, for enterprise release management for DevOps and Continuous Delivery, XL Test, the first dedicated Agile test management and analysis tool, and XL Scale, for on-demand provisioning and scaling of full environments.

For more details on the new XL Platform, please visit http://www.xebialabs.com/products/xl-platform/.

For more information on Diabol, please visit http://www.diabol.se/.

About Diabol:
Diabol is a Swedish company specialized in modern agile software development. Diabol is a consulting company that deliver value to large companies by helping their IT departments become truly agile and business oriented. Diabol frees the vision on how to develop software faster and with increased quality with the help of Culture, Processes and Tools.

About XebiaLabs:
With customers such as 3M, John Deere, Expedia, GE, and Société Générale, XebiaLabs is the fastest-growing, leading global provider of automation software for DevOps and Continuous Delivery helping companies to accelerate the delivery of new software. XebiaLabs’ products provide the automation, efficiency and insight organizations need to meet the demand for faster software deployment cycles. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Boston, XebiaLabs has a worldwide network of sales offices and partners. For more information, please visit http://www.xebialabs.com.

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