Quitgate Organizes Quit Smoking Awareness in Commemoration of the Great American Smoke Out Nov. 20

QuitGate, a one-stop quit smoking platform in line with its mission to save lives, creates awareness and offers products with huge discounts to encourage smokers quit as part of The Great American Smoke Out Celebrations.

Plainfield, NJ, November 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Quitgate is all set to organize a unique awareness program to celebrate the “Great American Smoke Out” on November 20, 2014 which aims to inspire Americans in their efforts to quit smoking. The event challenges people to stop smoking cigarettes for 24 hours, hoping their decision not to smoke will last forever. Quitgate is a well-known smoking cessation service provider helping people fight smoking addiction using a number of effective techniques including evidence-based and effective counseling programs, nicotine replacement therapies, natural stop smoking aids and quit smoking support.

Experts in the field have confirmed that smoking is a key problem in the society affecting the lives of numerous youngsters as well as old. Once a person starts smoking, it is not easy for them to quit owing to dependence on nicotine. Quitgate’s effective programs are helping thousands stop smoking. According to the sources, the company has organized and set up several smoking cessation programs earlier as well. The platform recommends solutions for helping millions live a healthy and tobacco-free life. The company participates actively in counseling programs for young to help them know the risks and damages of smoking and using several tobacco products.

Speaking to media, Emmanuel Odiase, founder/CEO of Quitgate, LLC said, “We are really passionate about helping smokers quit, and our low prices plus free shipping on all orders confirms that.” He further added, “Quitgate, LLC was established with smokers in mind. We want to use our premium customer service, quality products, free counseling and social support to encourage smokers to make a decision that will better their health outcomes - quit smoking.”

Emmanuel started the company after he lost his maternal uncle who died due to lung cancer from over 4 decades of smoking. He has now devoted his life to support and help others in staying away from the dangerous effects of smoking. He has also participated in fellowships that received several awards and media appreciation on a global level.

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Quitgate.com is a unique platform which combines quit smoking help, social support, stop smoking aids, low prices, free shipping and exceptional customer service to help tobacco users stop smoking cigarettes for good.
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Staying Smokefree pays

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