Functional Fitness E-tailer Fitness Sanctum Sponsors #Burpees4Bucks Movember Campaign

Online Shop Offers Vouchers as an Incentive for Donations.

Montreal, Canada, November 19, 2014 --( Fitness Sanctum, the online functional fitness retailer dedicated to make achieving one’s fitness and competitive training goals more accessible, convenient, and within reach, today launched an effort to aid the Movember campaign by agreeing to sponsor the Movember commitment of Ryan Buenaventura for the remainder of the month of November.

As part of his commitment to raise funds for men’s health via the Movember campaign, Mr. Buenaventura has pledged to perform twenty (20) burpees for every $20 donation, and fifty (50) pushups for every $50 donation. To further encourage others to commit to this worthy cause, for every $20 donation that is received, Fitness Sanctum will now offer $20 vouchers redeemable for purchases over $50 at its online storefronts ( in the United States, in Canada). It will also promote this campaign through its social media channels via the #burpees4bucks hashtag, as well as through its various networks.

“When I first heard of Ryan’s pledge to perform exercises in exchange for donations to a great cause like Movember, I felt that his tremendous commitment to health and fitness deserved a boost,” said John Kurien of Fitness Sanctum. “By offering this voucher, I hoped it would serve as a way to do a little extra to boost the profile of men’s health issues, as well as encourage others to make a greater commitment to their own health and physical fitness.”

Fitness Sanctum, which officially launched its online storefronts in October 2014, offers quality workout apparel, sports-specific performance training equipment, mobility gear and fitness accessories – primarily for the functional fitness and CrossFit markets. Among the brands it carries online include premium performance brands Rx Apparel, Compete Every Day, WODGear, Stroops Performance, LatitudeGearRx and StrongerRx.

As part of its ongoing launch efforts, Fitness Sanctum is offering a 15% discount onsite till November 26th to visitors who use the code FS15. The company continues to offer an unmatched 365 Day return policy, as well as competitive shipping rates. Fitness Sanctum anticipates adding even more variety to the nearly thirty (30) brands and over five hundred (500) products it currently carries online. It also continues to offer regular tips, information and motivational content to its growing community of athletes, trainers and competitors at every level, with the aim of helping them to get more out of their current fitness and training regimens.

Contact: Mr. John Kurien
Fitness Sanctum
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