MoneySense Education Formed to Fill a Financial Education Void in America

Pasadena, CA, October 23, 2007 --( Introducing MoneySense Education… MoneySense has been formed to fill a financial education void in America. MoneySense, based in Pasadena, CA, offers financial education classes to the general public, for the most part, at no cost. With a wide array of courses, attendees can choose from topics covering many areas of their financial life, from basic budgeting to advanced mortgage and investing strategies.

MoneySense has also announced multiple programs that focus on more specific groups. The first being their “Employee Financial Wellness Program”; designed to partner with employers to teach classes in the workplace for added value and convenience to the employees. With more than half of U.S. workers suffering from financial stress, teaching classes in the workplace allows employees and employers to benefit from this service.

MoneySense Education also partners with schools and educational institutions. Most schools no longer teach financial education to students in a way that can be applied to real life situations. By teaching kids to understand the difference between needs and wants along with the importance of managing money, they will be better prepared for the future.

Financial professionals are the third focal point. MoneySense instructors are approved to teach continuing education (CE) courses for Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners, CPA’s and more. Along with offering CE credits, MoneySense has created a program designed to inform homeowners of the type of mortgage they currently have and any potential dangers that they may face. This program, “Find Out What You Have” was launched in October 2007. Visit for details on this program.

Visit the MoneySense Education website for upcoming events and classes,

MoneySense Education
Brandon Wright