Metabolic Medical Institute Hosts Medical Students at Its Live Integrative Medicine Event

Boca Raton, FL, November 20, 2014 --( The Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) was pleased to host several local medical students at its Live Integrative and Metabolic Medicine Courses in Miami, FL on October 31, 2014.

These courses are part of an Integrative Medicine Graduate Certificate program offered through MMI’s partnership with the George Washington University. Students and seasoned practitioners alike mingled with, and learned from, some of the industry’s leading integrative medicine experts during this event.

Attendees gained an understanding of how integrative medicine offers a very different approach to the present standard of care, as it seeks to treat the root causes of disease and illness, rather than simply manage the symptoms.

“This conference gave me a whole new perspective on the field of medicine,” said a University of Miami medical student. “I learned to focus on health and healing, as opposed to disease management. I couldn't believe how much scientific evidence there was behind the integrative therapies.”

In-depth sessions at the event were led by specialists who revealed how factors like hormones, nutrients and toxins play a central role in common diseases, and each shared effective, research-based approaches for patient treatment.

Jeff Peterson, a first year MD/PhD student at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine, said he was “absolutely blown away” by what he heard. “It was amazing that a current standard of care in psychiatry, a prescribed anti-depressant, had less scientific support in its efficacy than a high dose of B12. I also didn't realize the acute degree to which diseases are interrelated by inflammation.”

Once dismissed, integrative medicine is gaining ground as significant scientific evidence demonstrates successful patient outcomes. The combination of conventional and integrative approaches enables physicians to consider all the possible factors and influences to disease, and builds a more collaborative partnership between patient and practitioner during the healing process.

“Although I have been extremely pleased with my medical education, I haven't learned much in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and other evidence based forms of healing,” shared one student attendee. “This event was extremely informative and really helped to round out my medical education.”

With the recent changes in healthcare policies, many medical students and young physicians face uncertainty about the industry. MMI’s events are geared to provide today’s physicians, both seasoned and new, with high-quality education, world-renown speakers, innovative approaches, and scientific research to help them be more proactive, and more successful within the ever-changing medical landscape. MMI is taking an influential step to impact the future of medicine by providing students with access to relevant, timely information that they can use with their patients immediately upon entering the field.

“As a medical student interested in this field, I have been to a number of similar events over the past few years. I can honestly say that the MMI conference was by far the most well organized, inspiring and informative conference I have ever been to. The knowledge I gained and connections I made have already made a huge impact in my medical education, and future career.”

For more information on MMI’s upcoming events and to learn how you can get involved, please call (866) 846-1107 or visit

About Metabolic Medical Institute

The Metabolic Medical Institute, Inc. (MMI) is a medical organization dedicated to promoting health and prevention of disease by educating health professionals, researchers and the public. MMI provides educational courses through conferences, workshops, online courses, and Fellowships and Certification programs.

MMI educational courses are affiliated with leading universities and taught by Nobel-prize winning scientists, expert clinicians and researchers drawn from a variety of medical, basic science, technology and business disciplines.

MMI programs are held to the highest standards of academic rigor and train practitioners in the methods of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine, an approach that uncovers the deeper causes of disease and reveals the uniqueness of each patient. The goal is to create a complete health care provider, with competencies in systems biology, the use of technology, advanced detection methods of disease, and research skills to collect data in clinical settings.

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