Nancy Canfield Moves to Windermere Homes & Estates

Nancy Canfield is now working with Windermere Homes and Estates in the San Diego area.

San Diego, CA, November 26, 2014 --( Realtors are lucky in that, when they are seeking a place to affiliate, and even when they are not actively looking, the offers come to them. Recently, Nancy Canfield interviewed with several fine companies, but none of them plucked her heart string the way Windermere Homes & Estates did. Nancy is a character, relationship based person. She is not interested in a virtual office where she rarely, if ever, sees her colleagues, much less her clients. She wants a relationship with her associates, the managers and staff, and most of all her clients. She wants to know them, she wants to care about them, she wants to do her very best for them.

The Team Nancy surrounds herself with from her Assistant Jeannie Jobe, to Mortgage, Title, Escrow, Home Inspection, Termite Inspection, Contractors, all must be profoundly character-based. They have to care as much as she does, be truthful, work with integrity to the client’s satisfaction, not just hers. Nancy has lived in the same Westwood home for nearly thirty years. She and her neighbors care about each other, help each other, do for each other. It’s all about the relationships, just as it is with her family and friends.

After working in Real Estate since spring of 2003, after twenty years in business, mostly management, Nancy feels the same way now as she did then, just a lot more knowledgeable and experienced. But as any parent will tell you, you never stop learning. Nancy is a parent and a grandparent five times over, and she is always listening, researching, and learning in all aspects of her life – so she can keep on improving.

A good portion of her non-work time is spent in volunteer work in the community. Nancy started volunteering when she was fourteen, as a candy striper in a convalescent home. When her children were in school she served the PTA, Scouts, Soccer Mom, Football Boosters, High School Foundation, Back to School, whatever she saw that needed help, she volunteered. Since her children have grown she refocused more on the community: Chamber of Commerce, local Business Association, Historical Society and Museum, to name a few. Volunteer work feeds her soul.

This is who she is. She’s not perfect, she’s ever striving to be better, know more, and never neglect the people in her life, past, present, and future. If character, integrity, hard work, and relationships are important to you, Nancy would love to work with you.
Nancy Canfield
(619) 871-9333