NAFA’s FLEETSolutions Magazine Dives Head-First Into Winter Weather

Association's official magazine recalls the 2013-2014 winter season and the lessons learned from it.

Princeton, NJ, November 22, 2014 --( On the morning of November 19, the citizens of Buffalo, New York woke to find their region had been hit with snow piled taller than most human beings. This dangerous weather happened in a freakishly short period of time, and meteorologists predicted more "lake-effect snow" was on the way. This proves again why preparation is so necessary, and why in the fleet profession it is better to err on the side of caution. After all, public works vehicles will now be tasked with carving out some semblance of order from the chaos. Are they ready?

In the November/December issue of FLEETSolutions magazine, now available to NAFA membership, the article “Preparing For Precipitation” speaks with fleet professionals who faced the unusually active 2013-2014 winter season, and took on lessons gained from the experience. “It's the unpredictability of scale that is the most difficult part of winter prep,” said Donald W. Dunphy, the writer of the article. “Budgets are limited. A lot of regions that never experience temperatures above freezing were seeking out salt for roads, only to find it was in short supply everywhere. Things that never needed to be weather-protected were now breaking down. This article sought to tell those stories so other fleet managers could be ready for what might come next.”

The article, part of an ongoing series for the magazine dealing with recognizing and averting crises in fleet, brings insight to the topic, thanks to perspectives from fleet pros and NAFA members who dealt with the elements firsthand.

“NAFA is committed to looking into the subjects where others may not want to,” said NAFA Chief Executive Officer Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “It's no longer okay to just prepare for the occasional snowfall. Fleet managers now have to consider scale, and have to communicate that to upper management and district leadership. Over the evening of November 18, all fifty states of the U.S. dipped below freezing temperatures. This really isn't someone else's problem anymore, so FLEETSolutions is there to tell that story.”

FLEETSolutions, NAFA’s official magazine, published bi-monthly, contains in-depth stories designed to educate, inform, and facilitate fleet managers to excel in their jobs. The magazine is developed to engage readership in the eight primary disciplines of fleet: Asset Management, Business Management, Financial Management, Fleet Information Management, Maintenance Management, Risk Management, Vehicle Fuel Management, and Professional Development. FLEETSolutions provides survey results on the most important topics in the fleet profession; the National Safety Council “Safety First” column, found in each issue; and profiles of the best and brightest in fleet. FLEETSolutions is an exclusive benefit of being a NAFA member.

“NAFA’s FLEETSolutions is committed to bringing those subjects to light for fleet professionals,” Russo said. “NAFA believes it is our responsibility to dig and learn, no matter what, and we do that with every issue.”

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