Gourmet Gluten-Free Baking is Here with Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Cookie Company Rebranding and Non-GMO Seal

Today the Half-Baked Baking Company, founded in 2012, launched its first Kickstarter campaign to bring a new range of gourmet gluten-free cookie mixes to the masses this holiday season.

Boulder, CO, November 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Today the Half-Baked Baking Company launched its first Kickstarter campaign to bring a new range of gourmet gluten-free cookie mixes to the masses.

In 2001 Jodi Schwartz was first introduced to the concept of gluten-free when a family friend was diagnosed with celiac disease. In 2008 gluten-free went from a concept to a personal concern for Jodi and that’s when she took on crafting a gourmet, gluten-free product that brings the warmth, texture, and smoothness of traditional baked goods. When desire strikes, simply add a couple of staple ingredients and scoop the dough onto a sheet pan to enjoy fresh-baked treats in minutes.

“Gluten-Free Living doesn’t have to be about ‘living without’ — we can ‘Live With’ and have the full flavor, texture and warmth of traditional baked goods with Half-Baked’s gourmet gluten free cookie mixes and flour blend,” Owner Jodi says.

Jodi’s homemade cookie mixes caught the attention of friends and family, and soon her evenings were spent creating new flavors and perfecting her gluten-free flour recipes. Finally, after much urging from her family, Jodi launched Half-Baked in 2012 with four original gourmet cookie mixes. She later introduced two additional flavors, Cinnamon Chai and Ginger Muesli, and by October 2013, Half-Baked had hit the market.

With this Kickstarter campaign, Half-Baked will be introducing its gourmet gluten-free all purpose flour. Jodi’s gluten-free cookie mixes are now being sold throughout the Rocky Mountain Region in Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and various independent retailers like Alfalfa’s Market and Lucky’s Market and will soon be available on Amazon Marketplace.

“I was in a store demoing our cookie mixes when this elderly woman came up and tasted them, she really liked the white chocolate macadamia and asked where in the store she could find the mixes, I told her the gluten-free baking aisle,” Jodi explains. “She said: ‘gluten-free? I’m not gluten-free, no one in my family is gluten-free, these are really good cookies, I’m gonna serve them anyway.’ And she bought two containers of our gourmet gluten free white chocolate macadamia cookie mix to serve at her family’s gathering. Her name is Mary G. and she is awesome!”

Half-Baked products are hand-blended and packaged in a gluten-free, peanut-free facility in Boulder, Colo. Products can be stored on the shelf for 9-12 months. “Our containers are unique in that they can be used to freeze your cookie dough so you can have warm cookies on demand, or to gift some fresh baked cookies to a friend,” Jodi says.

Half-Baked is looking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to help fund production of new packaging to complete its rebranding efforts, and to complete the Non-GMO Project Verification, and for the first time, to bring to market its gluten-free flour blend.

About The Half-Baked Baking Company
The Half-Baked Baking Company, which launched in 2012, makes gourmet gluten-free, shelf-stable cookie mixes. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company is founded on the idea that gluten-free can be gourmet and deliver the full taste, texture, and smoothness of traditional baked goods to be enjoyed with love. After all…cookies make people happy!
The Half-Baked Baking Company
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