New Extreme Sport Launches on Rockethub

Former Bboy creates new extreme breakdancing sport to help inner city youth.

New York, NY, November 29, 2014 --( World Bboy Battle officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 on, the world’s “crowdfunding machine.” The money raising initiative will introduce pro Bboy sports to the masses and bring young extreme breakdancing athletes known as Bboys to the Queens Theatre to compete at World Bboy Battle #1. This 2-day 1vs1 Pro Bboy Sports Championship competition, awards a total of $5,000 to the top 32 Bboys including the champion who takes home $1,500.

Frank Hernandez, a former pro Bboy who danced and toured with Run DMC and Afrika Bambatta back in the 80’s as part of Magnificent Force Crew, was inspired to help Bboys make breakdancing a career after learning that they were competing for basically little to no money at pro Bboy events all sizes.

“Bboys can’t pay their own bills competing professionally right now,” said Frank Hernandez – Creator and Director of World Bboy Battle. “The World Bboy Battle Bboy Sports League can help them generate significant income from competitions with large cash prizes, more winners per event, sponsorships, endorsements, performances, commercials and merchandising like other pro athletes can. That is our goal.”

Bboys are young kids, athletes with amazing skills, boys and girls all ages, 75% male, Hispanic, Black and Asian, a majority of them from poor families from inner cities. By introducing and fostering growth of this new Bboy sport, Hernandez believes this sports activity can help our inner city children stay away from drugs, crime, violence and gangs. Studies show that students who participate in sports activity programs tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems than students generally.

WBB #1 is an important and historic event as it inaugurates pro Bboy sports and kick starts the WBB 2015 league season. WBB #1 is also huge production and they need to raise $12,000 in order to meet their budget and cover their production costs, which includes the theatre, production crew, talent, judges, DJ, host, referee, film crew, scoring technology, equipment, and most importantly the prize money for the Bboys.

People who fund their event on Rockethub will receive a range of rewards from advanced tickets to WBB New Era Caps to Sponsorships and other cool stuff. They even offer sponsorship opportunities for people who own businesses and market brands.

For more information or to help fund their crowdfunding campaign please visit

About Xtreme Breakdancing Sports

XBS is the production company for World Bboy Battle whose mission is to increase participation, growth and worldwide acceptance of extreme breakdancing sports.

About World Bboy Battle

WBB is a professional Bboy sports league whose mission is to help Bboys make breakdancing a career while bringing the thrills and excitement of extreme breakdancing sports to global audiences.

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RocketHub is one of the world's top crowfunding platforms that has recently partnered with A&E Networks.
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