Priori Data Announces Release of Priori Data Pro for iOS, an App Store Analytics Platform

Berlin, Germany, December 02, 2014 --( Today a Berlin-based app store analytics startup, Priori Data, announced the release of its app store analytics platform Priori Data Pro. The iOS app market has witnessed clear signs of maturation throughout 2014, and Priori Data is set to power strategic decision-making among market stakeholders with crucial app market data and analytics tools.

The global app economy is projected to grow to $143 billion by 2016, with currently over 2.3 million app developers taking part in it around the world. However, most strategic decisions across the app economy are being made blindfolded. The ability to navigate the app market has been hindered for all stakeholders by the overall scarcity – or otherwise, inaccessibility – of reliable market data. As a result, the ecosystem propagates massive distortions between participants, with few winners, a lot of failures and little general understanding of the difference between the two.

Priori Data developed a solution to address this informational gap and bring transparency to the app market. Priori Data Pro is the first app market analytics platform that makes data accessible and easy to use for anyone working with iOS apps, be it an app developer or an investment analyst.

Through its beautifully designed interface, Priori Data Pro enables users to track global market movements, local country and category trends, and individual publisher and app performance including downloads, revenue, & MAUs.

The platform’s core features include:
- - every app and every publisher in the Apple App Store;
- - data coverage that spans 50 countries;
- - time series from daily estimates to historical trends;
- - downloads, revenue and user data estimations based on thousands of real data points;
- - data aggregation at publisher, category, country, and global levels;
- - powerful visualization tools and data export functionality.

Priori Data Pro is designed to serve a wide range of users’ needs and offers customers a number of functions for leveraging app market data for their individual purposes: trend detection, lead identification, competitive benchmarking, investment diligence, and much more.

Priori Data Pro is available on subscription basis.

Priori Data is a Berlin-based app store analytics company. It has one of the largest independent databases of mobile app information and the proprietary technology for its sourcing, processing and indexing. It uses data to build knowledge about the mobile app economy.
Priori Data
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