Introducing the Midspan Bridge from Borer for Intelligent PoE Access Control

The Midspan Bridge uses Power over Ethernet technology to power equipment over a CAT5e/6 structured cable system for Access Control.

Wokingham, United Kingdom, November 30, 2014 --( The Midspan Bridge can support up to eight complete access control doors consisting of IN and OUT readers, two electric strikes/magnetic locks and door sensors. These can be reliably powered without the need for local mains power supply and power outlet at each door. Each of the 8 channels can deliver 13.5 Watts of power over a distance of 300m over CAT5e/6 cable.

The Midspan Bridge acts as a link between the user’s Local Area Network (LAN) and the Controller Area Network (CAN), the network that hosts door controllers, alarm input and output panels, etc. This allows organisations to use their existing structured cable infrastructure to support security and access control applications.

The Midspan Bridge includes a power management chipset that supports IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. This provides protection against short circuits, polarity reversals and the accidental connection of non-compliant equipment.

Safe Power Delivery, the power delivery down CAT5e/6 cable is current limited with over/under voltage protection. This protects the CAT5e/6 cables against excessive power demands which may cause them to overheat.

The Midspan Bridge has control of the power delivery mechanism providing each circuit with a current limited output and short/open circuit protection. Sophisticated power status reporting assists in the remote diagnosis of equipment faults and their swift rectification.

This significantly reduces the need for remedial maintenance visits and engineering time on site. For instance, from a workstation the administrator can issue a command to the Midspan Bridge requesting a power reset of a particular device, which is often all that is required to resolve a problem.

Secure LAN Connection, the Midspan Bridge provides a private network permitting only registered devices to connect to it. This makes it impossible for anyone to hack into the LAN via a CAT5e/6 cable plugged into any of the Midspan Bridge's network ports.

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