Thai Students with No Handicaps Use Sign Language to Learn English

Over 90 grade one to nine students enjoy the use of a simplified sign language in learning English by acting out the lyrics of the song they are singing at a free English camp ran by Filipino teachers.

Bangkok, Thailand, December 02, 2014 --( "The English camp activities by Filipino teachers are really fun. I wish to learn more English sentences and vocabularies related to real life situations. I wish to improve my conversation skills and learn how to string together words into sentences. This English camp helps us complement our classroom English lessons, too," says Narawan Khumlanghan, a grade six student.

"The English camp is good because we are able to practice our English. We get the chance to construct sentences using new and familiar words and have fun while doing it," says Nutwaree Mene, a grade nine student.

At their free English camp, FATE taught children from grade one to grade nine to sing and act out the lyrics of FATE’s theme song “We are Friends,” which they wrote to the tune of “This Old Man” or more popularly known as the “Barney – I Love You” nursery song.

A video of the English camp is posted at FATE's webpage.

“Action songs at many English camps worldwide have proven themselves as effective learning tools. For instance, the song 'If You’re Happy' can associate the word 'happy' with 'clap your hands,' the word 'angry' with 'stomp your feet,' and so on,” says Mary Rose Alberto, a FATE coordinator from Keera-pat International School (KPIS).

“It is quite challenging to act out full sentences or phrases. However, complete sentences can be easily acted out by even the most simplified version of a sign language," says Ms Alberto.

"Using simplified sign language is fun and helps children learn English better because they serve as visual reference to what are being learned," according to Abigail Alvarez, the English camp MC and a FATE member from KPIS.

Dr Pranee Nookhao, the director of the government-run Wat Kaew Silaram School at Phanat Nikhom, Chonburi thanked the 12 Filipino teachers and FATE members for holding a free, fun-filled and motivating English conversation camp at their school from 15-16 November 2014, which was attended by more than 90 students from grade 1-9.

The Filipino volunteers, which included one Thai, came from five schools, namely: Daruna Ratchaburi School, Keera-pat International School (KPIS), Siam International, Sarasas Witaed Suvarnabhumi and Minburi.

Miss Alberto said that the Fate song "We are Friends" underpinned the goal and teaching style of the group's brand of English camp.
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