Recent Toronto Home Collapse Endangers Many, Points to Need for Immediate Basement Foundation Repair by Some Homeowners

Toronto, Canada, December 04, 2014 --( It was a tragedy of many proportions when a Toronto home collapsed in September 2014, killing one worker and sending two of his coworkers to the hospital. All of the workers had been in the basement area of the house, reportedly working to make the foundation area strong enough to support a two-storey addition that was to be placed at the back of the private property. Unfortunately, the foundation of the structure was apparently not strong enough to withhold the work, and the entire structure toppled. This terrible event illustrates how important it is for homeowners to consider getting a professional to conduct basement foundation repair before this kind of event occurs to them or to those they love.

When asked to comment on the news story, Michael Theriault, president, The Crack Doctor, expressed sadness for the families of those killed or injured. He also issued a warning that he wasn’t shocked by the outcome. “This is a problem that’s just waiting to happen to other homeowners who live in structures with inadequate foundations. Whether the homes are new or, in the case of the red brick building that collapsed, older, they have to have strong foundations. Without them, everyone is at risk.”

As a professional in the basement foundation repair and basement waterproofing industry, Theriault has spent years ensuring that his neighbors in Toronto and across the rest of Ontario are safe in their homes. “Security and peace of mind are critical,” he explains. “We often repair foundations well before the problem gets to the kind of danger that happened. Even a small crack can cause a huge issue in very little time.”

Theriault emphasizes that safe practices must always come first when dealing with any kind of structural issue. As he notes, excavation work is dangerous, and requires strict adherence to all safety-related rules and guidelines pertinent to the job. In terms of foundation repair and waterproofing, ministry regulations govern all work that Theriault and his team does.

To help people concerned about the state of their homes’ basement foundations, The Crack Doctor is offering free, comprehensive assessments and recommendations. They can be contacted via telephone at 1-866-788-3288.
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