Hive Minds and the Internet of Bees

Arnia Remote Hive Monitoring Now Listening to Bees Across the Atlantic with Podsystem "Best Signal" M2M SIMs and Flat-Rate Data

San Francisco, CA, December 05, 2014 --( PodsystemM2M, the expert in multi-network data SIMs for the M2M industry, has today announced that its Best Signal USA & Europe Multi Network SIM cards have been selected by Arnia for expansion of its remote bee hive monitoring system into the USA. Arnia provides state of the art remote bee hive monitoring systems for beekeepers, bee farmers and bee researchers, combining hive acoustics with other parameters. The monitoring data is interpreted to assess bee colony behavior and health. PodsystemM2M Best Signal USA & Europe SIMs roam on multiple networks throughout the USA and Europe at a competitive flat rate, enabling Arnia to expand across the Atlantic without the worry of increased data costs.

For Arnia, a key advantage of the PodsystemM2M Best Signal Multi Network SIM is that it automatically switches between networks if coverage is patchy or if a network is not available, so that the device remains connected. This enables Arnia to confidently offer its remote hive monitoring system to customers in remote or rural areas - where bee hives are often located. When the integrity of research studies and the health of the hives are at stake, bee researchers and bee farmers cannot afford to lose data packets as a result of weak or patchy cellular network signals. Arnia Operations Manager, Peter Sogorski says, "Some of the apiary sites that our beekeepers have can very often be on the peripheral edge of network signals. Sites are sometimes obscured by buildings or trees and this does affect signals locally. Having the multi network SIMs means the connection will automatically switch to another network, should it be required."

In addition to reliable connectivity, PodsystemM2M's Best Signal Multi Network SIMs carry the advantage of flat rate data in the USA (on both AT&T and T-Mobile) and on networks across Europe. This makes it easy for M2M companies to expand their operations across the Atlantic without the worry of increased data costs. Sogorski says, "We find this competitively priced multi network SIM invaluable in both the USA and Europe. Our system requires that we have reliability and continuity in our data transfer, as this is a critical part of our electronic bee monitoring system. The Best Signal SIMs provide controllable costs and reliable connectivity."

Podsystem Inc. CEO Sam Colley adds, “We are really excited to be working with Arnia and their innovative bee monitoring application. Given the global environmental and economic value of honey bees, it’s vital that Arnia have developed this unique M2M monitoring application especially for bee hives. We are very pleased to be able to provide the reliable M2M connectivity needed to ensure Arnia's monitors continue to provide a unique insight into hive conditions to help maintain strong, healthy and productive colonies around the world.”

Editor’s Notes

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About Podsystem M2M
Podsystem M2M is a division of Podsystem Group Ltd, an independent MVNO specializing in data connectivity solutions for the M2M and business travel sectors. An expert in multi-network data solutions, Podsystem M2M offers coverage worldwide across a wide variety of networks at prices comparable to, or often lower than, local single network SIMs.

Podsystem Group is headquartered in London and Buckingham, UK with offices in Spain (Seville) and the USA (San Francisco, Calif.). From these offices the company serves customers across Europe and the USA and is able to provide coverage at a global level in specific countries throughout Asia, Australasia and Africa.

About Arnia
Arnia is staffed by bee-keeping enthusiasts who bring state of the art remote monitoring of the hive environment to the understanding and maintenance of bee health. Arnia is unique in combining environmental sensors with acoustic analysis within a single device and returning collected information in real time to the beekeeper’s home computer or smart phone. Arnia’s unique technology has been granted a patent.

It is Arnia’s ambition, in collaboration with research partners and customers to develop breakthroughs in understanding of bee populations that will majorly improve the crucial symbiosis of humans and bees.
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