Nonprofit Grain Squared Gearing Up for Busy 2015 Assisting Farmers in Kitui, Kenya

Grain Squared, a nonprofit based in Washington, DC, is aiming to assist farming communities in Kitui, Kenya, with methods and technologies to extend the life of excess harvest to maximize their yield, increase income to better provide for their families.

Washington, DC, December 06, 2014 --( Many farmers around the world are able to produce more harvest than their families are able to consume. After allocating enough for the family, many farmers take their harvest to market to sell. Because every other farmer has also gone to market with their excess harvest, the value decreases, preventing the farmers from getting market value.

With high supply and low demand, farmers have to sell below market value. When a large buyer offers to buy the entire harvest for a significant discount, farmers have to decide whether to wait for a better price and risk having to destroy whatever hasn't sold or sell for low margins but know that he/she sold everything.

The large buyer - be it big business, government or simply a wealthy individual - usually has one advantage that the community doesn't. It's the ability to store the harvest for an extended period of time, bide the time until the supply dwindles and wait for demand to increase, then sell the same harvest back to the people who sold it for twice the price.

Nonprofit Grain Squared was founded to assist local farmers with access to these same storage options to preserve their harvest until the market value has increased and then sell for top value. The primary mission of Grain Squared is to empower farmers to extend the life of their yield, elevating them from farming for subsistence to generating income to better provide for their family.

The first target communities will be in Kitui, Kenya, just east of Nairobi. Grain Squared will be in Kitui over the holidays gathering information, researching and finalizing its objectives for 2015.

As the start-up nonprofit gets ramped up, it's beginning its fundraising, networking and assembling the right people to make a difference. With an aggressive plan of action, look for Grain Squared to experience significant growth proportionate to the communities and lives it aims to improve.

If you would like to volunteer; contribute time, money or materials; or are willing to help however it's needed, send an email to
Grain Squared
David Gaines