DTC Sightholder Venus Jewel Now Marketing via Polygon

Venus Jewel, Leaders in Solitaire, and Polygon—the global B2B jewellery marketplace—announced today the completion of a real-time interface

Mumbai, India, November 09, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Venus Jewel, Leaders in Solitaire, and Polygon—the global B2B jewellery marketplace—announced today the completion of a real-time interface that will make available Venus Jewel’s unique highly e-technology driven solitaire diamond database through an extensive marketing network, to reach even the remotest locations in the world.

Venus Jewel has been, and continues to be one of the most innovative manufacturers in terms of online marketing, selling more than 40% of their diamonds through their own website hosted on their own web server. The unique interface jointly developed with Polygon enables any changes in the Venus Jewel inventory to appear on the Polygon database as well, within a matter of minutes.

“For us, online marketing isn’t the future, it’s the present,” said Venus CEO Anil Shah. “Whilst our own website gives us good exposure, Polygon will surely advantage thousands of additional buyers based in multifarious small and big locations across especially in strategic markets like the US, besides of course the entire globe, in contact with our firm and our inventory, in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.”

Venus has developed its own sophisticated grading system (“Venus Grading System”) that breaks away from traditionally followed grading methodologies and offers crystal clear transparency through extensive detailing of a host of other equally critical diamond grading parameters, besides the popular 4 C’s. This detailing coupled with pinpoint precision and yet unparalleled consistency continues to delight their customers to no end. “For online trading, you need more precision than the traditional market requires,” notes Mr. Shah. “Further improving our offerings and taking note of the popular demand from customers, we have recently introduced the Venus Grading Report (VGR), an industry first from a manufacturer themselves, and which is unquestionably poised to become yet another key to success with the online channel.”

“For over 20 years, Polygon has been facilitating millions of dollars a day in B2B online diamond trading,” noted Polygon President and Founder Jacques Voorhees. “A real-time upload feed of inventory onto the Polygon platform, from a DTC Sightholder, is a new and important step in delivering productivity and efficiency to the market. Now that we’ve successfully tested the model, we are able to provide these kinds of direct-interfaces for any manufacturer interested in reaching new customers at the lowest possible cost. And that’s true for coloured stones and finished jewellery as well.”

To become a Polygon member please sign up at http://www.polygon.net/cgi/en/join.prep.

About Venus Jewel
Recognizing the need for a grading system that is a comprehensive indicator of quality and value derivation, Venus Jewel developed the Venus Grading System (VGS) based on a host of other equally critical grading parameters, besides the standard 4 C’s thereby pioneering the concept of high quality, consistent and precise diamond grading. This has currently led to more than 40% of total sales through www.venusjewel.com. Venus Jewel today grosses around USD 300 Million and is globally recognized as a highly trusted supplier of premium solitaires as well as for high standards of cut, polish and symmetry.

About Polygon
Polygon, in operation since 1984, is the jewellery industry’s largest and most active business-to-business online marketplace. The Polygon diamond database, estimated to be the largest collection of polished diamonds in the world, exceeds $2 billion in wholesale value. Polygon also offers diamond parcels, one of the largest collections of finished jewellery, loose coloured stones, and watches, available in a searchable database format. Several thousands of retail jewellers, suppliers, manufacturers and other jewellery industry businesses transact millions of dollars a day of business on Polygon. With offices in Denver and Montreal, Polygon has also established offices in Dubai, Mumbai, and Hong Kong to support its global expansion. Polygon is a division of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX: MDF).


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