Enterprise Skills Management (ESM) - a Cutting Edge Business Solution from It's Your Skills

Increased skill engagement, improved skill utilization, and greater rates of employee collaboration - all of these are possible with the new Enterprise Skills Management (ESM) app; a powerful yet budget-friendly tool to empower the staff of your organization.

Chennai, India, December 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- 3D Talent Services has launched Enterprise Skills Management under the It's Your Skills suite of skills related apps.

Businesses can accomplish a multitude of efficiency building achievements with ESM, including but not limited to: identification of under-utilized skills within your existing staff, improved alignment of skills to positions, reduction of superfluous or avoidable staffing, and assurance that needed hires are skills based. ESM can also have a significant positive impact on business planning activities such as expansion planning, deploying existing resources, and responding to business opportunities.

Enterprise-wide Benefits

There are three main components to the ESM solution which follow a logical flow of business needs and bring cross-functional benefit to the savvy organization. The simple and intuitive interface easily allows the user to navigate through the Skills Profile / Inventory, Recruitment and Hiring, and Resource Management modules. Business leaders across your organization will quickly and easily be able to highlight increased efficiencies through an exhaustive list of reports targeted at both macro and micro level data.

Proprietary Skills Profiling Engine

At the foundation of ESM is an innovative Skills Profiling engine; a dynamic library of over 60,000 skills across industries and roles. The depth of this arsenal of skills provides a potent and comprehensive resource to be tapped at will. It's Your Skills also offers the Skills Profile as a standalone app, which by itself is extremely powerful in boosting personal and organizational growth.

Keep Up with the Pace of Your Industry

"The current talent landscape is very different from that of the past. Skills are diverse and rapidly evolving, skills engagement models are diverse, and response times to business opportunities need to be cut. Precise and conclusive information facilitated with simplicity is vital and professionals need the power of raw data for skills related decisions. All of these needs of the modern organization require a fresh approach to skills management for better overall business performance. ESM provides the tools to allow organizations to meet these needs," reveals G. Ramu, CEO and Founder of 3D Talent Services.

Next Generation Technology

ESM and its related apps are designed to be device neutral, friendly and easy to use in iOS, Android, on a mobile phone, tablet, or any preferred device - providing the user immediate access to their skills information anywhere and anytime. A salesman at a client site can immediately access skills availability and respond accordingly to their customer's request. If a business or technical problem needs to be solved, the right resource with the necessary skill set can be quickly and easily identified.

ESM is hosted in the cloud and offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model. All hosting is provided by Rackspace, a leading hosting service provider certified in the best practices in information security and developed on an open source platform.

Competitive Pricing

ESM comes to market at a very budget friendly subscription rate of just $1/month per employee, a price that all organizations should find affordable regardless of their size. The SaaS subscription model ensures an exceptional return on investment on a continuing basis due to an ever evolving feature set and constant product improvements.

About 3D Talent Services

3D Talent Services is a startup dedicated to creating a world class talent platform for the masses. They strive to be a leader in talent analytics and skills intelligence. It is their mission to enable individuals and organizations to make better choices in their everyday business leading to increased efficiencies and growth.

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