Solent Promises Merry Christmas for Conflicting Couples with Proven Family Mediation

Solent Family Mediation is assuring a happy Christmas for the conflicting couples who are worried about kinky family disputes over conjugal treasures and kids through specialised and professional family mediation.

Southampton, United Kingdom, December 10, 2014 --( Solent Family Mediation has assured a smooth Christmas with effective proven mediation solution for the warring couples. A leading name across English mediation scene, Solent specializes in family mediation and has been operating for years now. The firm has got offices all across South England, covering Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey.

"We understand that many couples call it a day during Christmas. Broken relationships are painful and moreover lead to serious disputes over joint conjugal aspects like property, pension, finances and of course children. But we promise you a happy Christmas even when you two have broken up with our expert mediation service that would ensure a peaceful settlement and better control on your assets or kids," stated the manager personnel.

As Solent Family Mediation specialises strictly in family mediation, the company is able to deal with any conjugal dispute arising from separation, divorce, civil partnership, cohabitation & pre-nuptial arrangements.

"Backed by a high 82 percent success rate from our previous cases, we can guarantee you a proven flexible solution. We are dedicated to come up with satisfactory outcome for both parties & that's why a lion's share of the business here comes straight from the Solicitors referrals."

Speaking about the mediators, a senior spokesman from the firm stressed on highly qualified, seasoned and well trained mediation professionals. The Solent family mediators have to undergo on-going training to ensure updated knowledge on the latest legislative regulations.

"Our seasoned mediators specialise in family mediation and always follow an utmost professional standard as mentioned by the industry code of practice. All mediators here are guided by a PPC (Professional Practice Consultant) to ensure appropriate mediation sessions," the spokesman shared.

About Solent Family Mediation

Solent Family Mediation is a leading family mediation firm in South of England offering specialized mediation services across Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey. For more details, visit

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