Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Honored with Testimonials by Satisfied Members

Farmingdale, NY, December 18, 2014 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York has been honored with testimonials by satisfied members.

Testimonials About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is an international advertising, networking and publishing company based in Farmingdale, New York. They target executives and professionals in all industries to be featured in their publication and on-line directory. They are proud of the many testimonials sent to them by satisfied members who are pleased to be a part of Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide. Because of these members, Strathmore has been publishing for two decades and looks forward to continuing to assist professionals from 2015 and beyond. Our mission and goal is to ensure that professionals of all levels expand their market reach and receive the recognition they deserve to further their career.

The following is a sample of some of the testimonials received:

"I love my wall plaque and thank you for letting me be a member of Strathmore's Worldwide! I was a little hesitant in accepting the Who's Who but now I am very happy that I did! Thank you for inviting me."
-Frances McLean

"I appreciate your kindness, professionalism and expedient manner in addressing time sensitive issues. I look forward to working with you this year."
-Leonard J. Warrick

"Dear Strathmore's Who's Who, I have used your service for 2 years now and love it! The mass e-mail function is very easy to use. I have made quite a few contacts and look forward to networking with like-minded individuals in my field. Thank you for this opportunity! Amy Parker, Account Director of ‘Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide’ is a dedicated, energetic, sincere, thoughtful, youthful person with a good sense of humor. At the core of all these desirable personality traits, however, Ms. Parker is fundamentally a very serious, busy lady. Amy has the God-given spirit of friendliness. With her charismatic, powerful, magnetic and infectious charm, she reaches out to everyone in the wide cross-section of her clientele; and to individual ‘members’ of Strathmore’s with a sophistication full of empathy and gentility. Ms. Parker treats every member as if s/he were the most valuable person in the organization. She has enormous vitality and great potential. With time, who knows to what heights she will rise. I congratulate both Strathmore’s Who’s Who and Amy Parker, Account Director."
-Samuel Beckles, Ph.D.

"My Representative, Amy Parker, has conducted herself in an extremely professional manner. She explained the program and its benefits explicitly and answered all my questions. I find the service to be of high quality and the wall piece of recognition is a 10 on a scale from 1-10."
-Jasper L. Cummings

"Dear Mr. Kingsly,
I certainly appreciate your time. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this offer."
-Laura Schreiner

"Ms. Jones is employed by Strathmore's Who's Who where she serves as a promotions representative. She is of the school of the highly dedicated and her courteous professionalism is always genuinely convincing hearers that her product is the best in the business. I believe that Ms. Jones answers above and beyond the call of duty. She is, in addition to all that this statement conveys, a charming role model of grace and dignity. She serves each customer with specialized attention and they all respond by participating with her company's prolific creative endeavors. I believe that if one were to enter into Ms. Jones's office, s/he would experience a museum of Edenic Exhibits, and I also believe that s/he would be compelled to move in gleeful animation as s/he savors the sweetness of superior atmosphere in a creative exotic environment. I think that as a professional, Ms. Jones is in a class above the rest. She is a unique gem of a person. Her value is obviously above the value of diamonds and rubies. If, as a promotions representative confined to a small office in W. Syosset, Elizabeth Jones is making such a tremendous contribution to her community, what would this uniquely precious and powerful shining jewel do if exposed to shine in the infinite universe? I propose and recommend that you work with this gifted lady by putting her in the center of your universe, and then let me know if my recommendation even begins to touch upon the enormity and magnanimity of this truly terrific personality."
-Samuel E. Beckles, Ph.D.

Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson is listed in the VIP section of Strathmore's Who's Who. She is one of ten Hall of Fame members for the month of April, 2005. How grand! To be in a Who's Who edition, it has been said, one needs to have excellence and achievement in their own field of endeavor worthy of national or worldwide promotion for the betterment of humankind. An example of that is a certain surgeon who was listed in Strathmore's Who's Who and a patient was cured of a tumor of the ear after visiting his office and hospital in Los Angeles, California. Talent, intellect, gifted, chosen to be included is only part of the explanation of Biographies picked for Strathmore's Who's Who. They know vision, years of hard work, dedication, ongoing continued education and contributions to one's field of study and expertise is why and how people are chosen to be in these superior volumes. Leaders are easily recognized and published. Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson believes her original poem published worldwide says it all:

A Might Leader
Does a leader step out front and other fall in behind or does he line up last, pushing others toward their goal line?

Is a leader born or is he made? Does he become a leader through long hard work or thinking and planning lying in the shade?

If you are a leader, you know it. Don't tell others how to live, Show it! For it is the leaders gift to bring others up so that they can drink from life's Victory Cup!

Leaders are recognized and promoted by Strathmore's Who's Who, New York and thankfully Strathmore's Who's Who is a leader and a giant.

"Thank you so much you guys! You bring my dream that much closer and make it more possible, and for that, I truly thank you!"
-Mark "The Hawk" McIntosh

"You did a great job with the press release about my contributions and trying to make the world a better place. I am so honored and so pleased. Best wishes to you and all at Strathmore's for recognizing and recording our efforts to share our gifts and talents with all people who make a difference worldwide. Thank you so much."
-Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, Ph.D.

"Hi there! It was wonderful to hear your voice again. Thanks for the call, and for always being so encouraging and positive! I do enjoy working with you. Thank you so much for all your help with this Press Release. You and your organization are providing a wonderful service for people like me who, although retired, still hope to make a contribution to our world. I am in awe of your professional skill. All good wishes for your future projects."
-William Cozart

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