mumms® Software’s Built-In Cap Report Tool Helps Hospices Avoid Exceeding Medicare's Cap Limitations

New Orleans, LA, December 11, 2014 --( New revisions by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will require hospices to calculate and return hospice cap overpayments within a narrow window beginning this year. Hospices that do not complete this process within the CMS time restrictions will risk suspension of all Medicare reimbursements. mumms Software is reminding all of its customers to check their mumms Cap Report often to avoid overages.

mumms Software, a leader in hospice and palliative care software, has had a built-in hospice cap report that compares the hospice’s census and Medicare payments against Medicare’s cap requirements. The report helps hospices easily and accurately monitor if they are approaching or over Medicare's cap limit. Hospices can use this tool to both avoid overages and prepare for the narrow calculation window.

The new CMS hospice cap reporting rule requires hospices to submit data that is derived from the PS&R system at least three months after the end of the cap year. For the 2014 cap year, hospices must wait until February 1, 2015 to run the required cap reports. Hospices must then report, and if applicable, repay 2014 cap overages no later than March 31, 2015. Additionally, CMS has imposed the heavy penalty of withholding reimbursements until the report has been filed and applicable repayments have been made.

"With this new, stricter timeline for cap calculation and repayment, it’s more important than ever that hospices have a clear picture of any potential cap liability they may face,” said Leo Radosta, CEO of mumms Software. “Our software makes it easier to stay on top of this process, and our hospices appreciate being able to use the built-in cap report tool to stay ahead of the game."
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