Pipebursting Contractor PW Trenchless Construction Helping Set the Standard for Trenchless Construction in Canada

Surrey, Canada, December 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trusted Surrey, BC pipebursting contractor, PW Trenchless Construction is now helping capitalize on the environmental advantages of trenchless construction through their broad suite of construction services. The company has been at the forefront of the trenchless construction industry for decades, and their Carbon Calculator has been instrumental in helping companies quantify the range of benefits of their trenchless projects.

Trenchless technology is playing an important role in helping construction companies minimize the environmental damage caused by their work. In areas where they environment has historical and cultural significance, this style of construction can have great value beyond its tangible benefits. For example, trenchless systems have been utilized to avoid tree root damage at the famous Royal Botanical Gardens in London, UK. Pipebursting processes used within trenchless construction only require existing manhole covers for sewer access, thereby helping constructions preserve the natural environment. In addition, pipebursting costs about 66% of the project cost required for conventional construction. This means trenchless construction is both more environmentally-friendly and more affordable than general construction projects. Now, the leading pipebursting contractor in Canada, PW Trenchless Construction is bringing their expertise to projects across BC.

As the foremost Canadian company within their field, PW Trenchless Construction has worked with municipalities across Vancouver to ensure their construction projects are both affordable and environmentally-friendly. The company’s team utilizes their knowledge of pipebursting processes to eliminate much of the damaging impact involved within construction work. Their industry-leading knowledge also means they can provide clients with a full cost-benefit analysis before projects begin, therefore ensuring effective project planning for long-term community success.

To learn more on the latest projects completed by PW Trenchless Construction, please contact their company offices directly or visit their business website at www.pwtrenchless.com.
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