Online Copy Guru, LLC Announces Newly Enhanced Marketing Consulting Services

Online Copy Guru, LLC now provides comprehensive marketing consulting services in order to provide their clients with a 12-month marketing strategy to create campaigns that are more effective and enhance client reach.

New Orleans, LA, December 13, 2014 --( Online Copy Guru, LLC, a direct response copywriting and marketing firm, has combined their background and experience to assist their clients in improving their marketing campaigns. Their marketing consulting services includes an in-person full day of review and interaction with their clients to pinpoint areas of improvement, discuss results from past and current campaigns, analyze their target audience and review online marketing strategies.

“We used to provide 30-minute to one hour free consultations to our clients like other copywriters do but it just wasn’t enough,” says Monique Poché, Owner of Online Copy Guru, LLC. “We found that when we scheduled a full day to meet with our clients, they came away from the meeting with a better understanding of their audience and how they can reach them more effectively. It also benefited us as it gave us a complete understanding of client’s business and in turn, it gave us the ability to write better copy. This service gives our clients improved marketing strategies that they can use throughout every marketing campaign for a better rate of success.”
Online Copy Guru, LLC
Monique Poche