SavvySandals Debuts New Interchangeable Women’s Sandals

SavvySandals announced they will premier their revolutionary interchangeable women’s sandals by placing 100 pairs of the limited edition sandals on auction through eBay on November 11, 2007. This new design allows women to interchange different types of sandal soles (SavvySoles) with different tops (SavvySoleMates) and different fasteners (SavvyStuds).

Raleigh, NC, November 09, 2007 --( Women will now be able to purchase the type and color of the sandal they love to wear and change the look from sporty to sexy in seconds without having to buy a new pair of sandals. “I was tired of being held hostage to sandal designers who produce the same sandals with different color tops, forcing me to buy the same sandal in different colors to match my outfits,” said Debbie Hansen, CEO of SavvySandals. “I purchased 120 pairs of sandals and worked to find the right design. My husband is an engineer and developed the unique fastening method that changes not only the tops of the sandal, but also the color and types of the SavvyStuds (silver, black and gold) that attach the SavvySoleMates to the SavvySole. This allows women to create their own unique designer look without having to buy 10 pairs of sandals.”

After using 20 pairs of the original sandals for testing and development, 100 pairs of SavvySandals are ready for distribution. These sandals will be auctioned on eBay on 11-11-07 at 11:07 a.m. and can be previewed on the SavvySandals website The sandal soles are a light-colored wood with black accents and will come with two SavvySoleMates: a black satin beaded SavvySoleMate with black SavvyStuds and a black ostrich SavvySoleMate with silver SavvyStuds. The offer includes the unique SavvySwitch Kit: the tool to remove the SavvyStuds, a small case for placing additional SavvyStuds and the ability to attach extra SavvySoleMates, all which are held together by a keychain. “We decided to place SavvySandals on auction to see if other women are as excited about this concept as I am,” said Hansen. “All SavvySoleMates are interchangeable with the original limited SavvySandals and with our new line of SavvySoles.”

SavvySandals will release their Denim SavvySoleMate line in December. The original limited SavvySandal is available in whole sizes 6 through 11. Future SavvySoles will come in half sizes and whole sizes from size 5 through 13. “We are excited that SavvySandals offers a full range of sizes and sandal styles at affordable prices to meet every woman’s needs,” said Hansen. “I wore my sandals out to dinner at our favorite restaurant Tuesday night, San Remo, and I asked the owner if he thought I could take 17 pairs of sandals out of my purse. I won the bet – and we received quite the reaction from other patrons who were impressed with our concept and design.” For further information, contact Debbie Hansen at 919-772-6325.

Debbie Hansen