"Good Governance," 2013, Ebook by Dr Joseph S Maresca, Amazon Digital Publishers, Available Now on Kindle

"Good Governance" by Dr Joseph S Maresca recites the basic structural elements of an organization design and the classic challenges faced in constructing the job and validating the process by professionals in the field. This ebook is addressed to all professionals who must deal with job architecture issues large and small. Both hierarchical and organic designs are explained at length together with the practical implementation problems encountered routinely in the field.

Bronxville, NY, December 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- "Good Governance" is about the organization design, chart of accounts, job architecture, audit and validation processes inherent in designing a workable governance model under the requirements of standard setting bodies like the Government Accounting Standards Board and others. The presentation is simple enough so that readers can understand the basic structural elements of an organizational design and how these elements operate under various scenarios like the hierarchical systems, as well as organic (more flexible) models. "Good Governance" is intended to appeal to a wide constituency of readers in both the private sector and government.The model can be customized for other applications like the private sector, quasi-government institutions or even foreign organizations.

Dr. Joseph S. Maresca is an Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer with 1830+ book reviews and over 12,300+ affirmative votes from readers. He was made a member of the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society upon college graduation and a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society (International Society) since '01. To date, Dr Joseph S Maresca has published 25 books on Amazon/Kindle.
Dr. Joseph S Maresca
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