Cuba's First Thai Massage Course

The very exportable traditional hands-on healing method, Nuad Bo Rarn, from Thailand will be introduced into Cuba for the first time ever by a graduate of the prestigious Thai massage training school, ITM, in Chiang Mail Thailand. During the month of January, the cultural center in Santiago de Cuba, Mons. Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu, will provide the venue for 30 chosen students on the basis of a cultural interchange with the teacher, Jill Arcaro, based in Madrid, Spain but traveling worldwide.

New York, NY, December 18, 2014 --( During the month of January, 2015 the Cultural Center Mons. Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu in Santiago de Cuba will offer Cuba's first course in Thai massage. In this training course participants will learn the art and technique of traditional Thai healing which is a model of excellence and a world reference.

With this project, the director of the Centro Cultural Mons. Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu, Dr. Giraldo Sentien, reinforces the internationally acclaimed technique that has propelled the Thais to introduce its traditional massage of northern Thailand in remote locations around the world thanks to its intrinsic and proven values.

The course is open to all Cubans and foreigners with no experience necessary wanting to focus it as a career option, a healing art or simply as a healthy lifestyle habit. The workshops essentially EduTourism, are extended to foreign participants with the possibility of complementing them with Cuban dance classes, art or Spanish language.

The course will be conducted by the teacher of "Nuad Bo Rarn" (Thai massage), Jill Arcaro, a graduate of ITM (International Training Massage School) in Chiang Mai, Thailand and certified by the Thai Ministry of Education and Health. Jill Arcaro began a decade ago to wonder about the relationship between body and mind looked at holistically. With special passion for education, she began to study and practice with energy and manual therapies to be able to teach others. Gradually she developed a vocation for Thai Massage with its unique blend of energy points and stretching. Since the rise of social media and web platforms she has focused her profession virtually, without a physical premises, organizing courses worldwide.

When asked how her interest was born to offer a course in Thai massage in Cuba, Jill Arcaro responded, "I believe that whatever the mind can conceive is possible and until someone put the question in doubt I never thought of taking Thai massage, or any other energy / oriental technique, to Cuba. But I do not believe it is necessary that we all think alike, so it occurred to me that a country like Cuba, without tradition in massage, but with great touristic and educational offers, has many similarities with Thailand. I met many dancers from Santiago de Cuba and talking to them I suddenly understood that if the Thais can extend their healing art to places as far away as Siberia, logically, I could introduce the massage in Cuba."

Basic information Thai Massage Course

Days: Saturday and Sunday, January 10th and 11th, 2015
Course Schedule: 10-18 hours daily
Location: Library and Cultural Center Mons. Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu - Calle Santo Tomás No. 657 entre Heredia y San Basilio, Santiago de Cuba, 90100 Cuba
Tels.: +53 654949 +53 628508 (Reception)

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