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John J. Love, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy, USPTO to Speak at KC’s Event on Clarifying KSR & Its Impact on Patent Law on November 20, 2007

New York, NY, November 10, 2007 --( The Knowledge Congress, the leading producer of regulatory focused teleconferences has announced today that John J. Love, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will speak at the Knowledge Congress’ upcoming teleconference entitled: “Clarifying KSR and Its Impact on Patent Law”. This 2.5-hour event is scheduled for November 20, 2007, Tuesday, at 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST. (For further details of the event and an updated list of panelists, please visit:

The recent Supreme Court Ruling KSR v Teleflex which dismissed "obvious" or rigid interpretation in favor of "flexible" may perhaps usher one of the most significant with the eighth changes in Patent law in decades. How will KSR affect your ability to protect your companies’ intellectual property?

The Knowledge Congress has assembled panel of distinguished experts to help make these policies clear to the organizations most impacted. The panel will present their findings, which includes best practices in a two-and-a-half hour teleconference.

About Mr. John J. Love

John J. Love was named Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in January 2007. He is responsible for changes in patent practice, rules of practice and procedures, examining priorities, and classification of technological arts. He leads the operations of the Patent Legal Administration, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Legal Administration, and the Office of Petitions.

Previously, Mr. Love worked on establishing patent examination policy for business methods and computer-related inventions. He has given numerous presentations on this topic at national and international meetings.

Mr. Love joined the USPTO in 1969. After achieving primary examiner status in 1975, he was selected as a Supervisory Patent Examiner in 1978. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 1988 as Director for Group 330, which included medical treatment and diagnostics subject matter patent applications. He joined Technology Center 2700 in 2000 to manage patent application examination in the growing area of business methods.

Mr. Love was a participant in the 1984-85 Department of Commerce Science and Technology Fellowship Program, during which he was detailed to the International Trade Administration. He has served as chairman of the Supervisory Patent Examiners and Classifiers Organization (SPECO), and he is a member of Pi Tau Sigma, the honorary mechanical engineering fraternity.

Mr. Love received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Detroit. He earned a juris doctor degree from Georgetown University, and is a member of the Virginia State Bar.

For more information about Mr. John J. Love and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), please visit:

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