Combustion Technologies Announces Year-Round Diesel Conditioner CleanBoost Silver

Sandy, UT, December 17, 2014 --( Combustion Technologies USA (“Combustion”), the original manufacturer of the CleanBoost® family of products, is pleased to announce CleanBoost Silver, a new product for 2015. CleanBoost Silver is for all diesel engines, and is specially designed for year-round fuel conditioning and formulated to maximize both performance and fuel economy.

“CleanBoost Sliver can be used year-round, giving your fuel system the critical protection it needs, with added lubricity, fuel economy improvement and better cold-starting in northern regions, humid climates and at higher elevations,” says Don Poscente of Combustion. “In the winter months, CB Silver will allow fuels to pour at -25 below, a great option for any diesel end user. CleanBoost Silver is safe for all diesel engines, including high-pressure fuel systems, EGR and DEF applications. It works in all grades of diesel, including Biodiesel, ULSD and winter blends at a treatment ratio of 1:1000. One 16-oz bottle will treat up to 110 gallons of fuel.” Poscente continues, “Just pour a full bottle into each side of the truck when refueling. It will also help in cold weather for pour point and cloud point issues.”

CleanBoost Silver is ideally suited for trucking, construction, mining, power generation, personal vehicles and all typical diesel powered applications. It reduces fuel consumption across a wide range of diesel fuels. CleanBoost Silver will add lubricity to ULSD fuels and help protect fuel systems and injectors from the damage caused by today's low sulfur fuels. CleanBoost Silver also reduces greenhouse gas (CO2), soot (black smoke), carbon build-up, fouling and helps prevent fuel from waxing and gelling in cold climates.

Combustion is a private company based in Sandy, Utah that is a pioneer in proactive diesel maintenance solutions. Combustion is a leading developer and manufacturer of efficiency-improving fuel additives, engine oils, specialty chemicals and lubricants and mission critical filtration systems for a wide range of industries, including transportation, mining, power generation, construction, motorsports and oil and gas. These innovative, cost-saving products are sold under Combustion’s flagship “CleanBoost”, “Combust Filters” and “Mettle Plus” brands, directly to large end-users and through a network of regional and national distributors in the United States and Canada. Combustion is also an authorized distributor for Filtakleen and Filmax filtration products and Whitlock Instruments DNFT switches. Our website is:
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