Ali Bierman Launches the “THRIVE! Audiobook Project” with Net Proceeds Supporting Gigi’s Playhouse, Achievement Centers for People with Down Syndrome

The Learning Circle, LLC, always striving to support and educate people to live their fullest and best lives, announces the launch of The THRIVE! Project to create the audiobook of Ali Bierman's best seller, inspirational, life changing work, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive. All net proceeds benefit Gigi’s Playhouse in New York, New York and people struggling with physical and emotional life-changing circumstances.

Meridian, ID, December 17, 2014 --( Following the best selling success of her print book and requests from many people who struggle to read written words, Ali Bierman gathered together a team of eighteen heart-centered people of all ages and walks of life, each of whom has overcome a traumatic life event, to thrive and make a difference in the lives of others. Following the theme of making life better for others and giving to the community, all net proceeds will support Gigi’s Playhouse, Achievement Centers For People with Down Syndrome. Also, a copy of both her ebook and audiobook will be donated to people who could not otherwise access it.

THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive is both an inspirational story of Ali’s journey to healing and re-inventing herself and also a steps-to-healing guide for both people struggling after physical or emotional trauma and for their family, caretakers, and therapists.

You do not need to experience trauma to benefit from this work. One reader says she uses it in her daily life because the advice shared makes her already good life better.

Reviews are raving: “I highly recommend this book to anyone that needs inspiration and tools to break free from your own limitations so that you can achieve success in any area of your life.” -Heather Picken, best selling author and business coach. “Through her compassionate heart, Ali shares with you her journey to 'Thrive.' Her unselfishness leaves you with many gifts to “Thrive” in your own life.” -Cindy ‘Williams, Founder of the International Organization Teaching Hands.

The book serves as a guide on a healing journey through actual steps to release the pain of injury, of emotional devastation, or feeling like you are not enough. Applying the body-mind connection in small and simple-to-do steps, as well the bigger picture of creating True Happiness, Ali reaches places in the heart well hidden from view or even awareness.

Project contributors include: Dr. Stan Breakthrough Harris, Member of the Speakers Hall of Fame, and the Black Belt Hall of Fame; Elle Febbo, Award Winning Best Selling Author, Speaker, Producer, Child Advocate; Tawana Williams, The Hope Coach, Best Selling Author and a Les Brown Speaker; Daniel Hall, Best Selling Author, Nationally Recognized Digital Publisher And Entrepreneur teaching publishing, marketing, speaking and writing; Nancy Ferrari, Life Transitions Coach and Media Personality; Frank White, Ph. D., Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Business and Executive Success Coach; Aspen Morrow, Best Selling Award Winning Author and Speaker on med-free mental health; Melody Wilson, Radio Show Host, Minister, Singer/Songwriter; Beverly Nadler, Author, Speaker, and Health Expert; Dr. Rose Thomas, ND, breast health specialist; William Sickert, Nutrition Expert and Lawyer; Pamela Thompson, Recruiting Expert; Gail Vilcu, Coach And Anti-Aging Skin Specialist; Kearney Thompson, Teenage Entrepreneur, Photographer, Associate Movie Producer; Melissa Galt, Marketing Expert, Speaker and Coach; Paul Eade, Financial Expert; Cindy Williams, Founder of Teaching Hands, a non-profit making a global difference.

About Ali Bierman
Ali Bierman is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Composer and Specialized Kinesiologist. After suffering two Traumatic Brain Injuries that ended life as she knew it, she chose not to settle for just surviving when told she would not heal and she should learn to live with her new limited body-mind functioning level.

This story recounts her personal journey through tears, frustrations, pain and limitations to discover the true meaning of healing and how to thrive despite life circumstances.

Coaches, therapists, inspirational speakers, artists, ministers, medical professionals, care providers, and entrepreneurs have embraced and endorsed this project.

When feedback showed her that people do not have to suffer a debilitating injury or illness to want to move from watching life go by to thriving every day and making a good life even better, she decided to meet the demands for an audiobook, making her advice and compassionate lessons more accessible to more people in more places.

Ali discovered that "THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive" is not just her newest book but her life purpose. She is on a mission to let people know that circumstances never hold you back. Her theme song powerfully reminds us that “It’s your choice to stay stuck in the muck. You create your own luck - with gratitude and attitude. It’s no platitude!” (Music and lyrics by Ali Bierman)

Reaching a global audience with her writing, songs, speeches, art and her healthcare practice, Ali turns tears of hopelessness and despair into smiles of joy and accomplishment.

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