Slicejack and Agilo Team Up to Present a Never-Ending Christmas Tree - Evertree

New York, NY, December 22, 2014 --( Agilo and Slicejack have released their newest collaboration project- Evertree. Together they have designed and developed the first never-ending Christmas tree. It’s an endless online Christmas tree that is built by users decorating it and leaving messages from all around the world.

“The question we asked ourselves was what if you could put together an idea that would connect people worldwide in simple act of tree decorating since it is one of the most notable symbols of Christmas? That is when the Evertree was born. Evertree is a digital never-ending tree of good vibes. It's a tree that does only good and grows with messages shared and decorations put. Anyone can help build and decorate this Christmas tree. It takes seconds and it's simple and fun! The result is colorful, bright and lively tree that never stops growing and will definitely put a smile on your face! You can share your message for everyone to see and create a beautiful graphic decoration,” said Zrinka Buljubasic, lead designer of Agilo.

“Evertree is our little gift to the community. It’s philosophy is aligned with some of our business values of sharing and creating community. We can make it grow with kindness, positivity and good thoughts! Anyone can leave their message and decoration and be a part of this ever-growing spark of Christmas spirit. We were thrilled to have been able to develop such a productive concept,” said Toni Trivkovic, CEO of Slicejack.

Contributing to Evertree is fairly easy, it is a two step process in which the user decorates the part of the tree with fun colors, shapes, patterns and leaves their message to the world. The message can be easily shared through social media.

Evertree is a project created out of passion for sharing but Slicejack and Agilo will continue to develop this project since they have already been contacted by some notable brands who wish to personalize this concept and offer it to their community.

To contribute to this project, please visit

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