Hot Tubs Roseville - Dealer Shares Easy Health Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Jacuzzi Spas, Swim Spa, and Sauna Dealer in Roseville Shares “3 Ways to Get Healthier in the New Year” Offers Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks to Local Roseville, CA Residents.

Roseville, CA, December 26, 2014 --( Hot Tub Super Center of Rocklin, CA, selling swim spas, hot tubs, BBQ grills, portable spas in Roseville, CA shares advice for Healthy New Year’s resolutions by sharing “3 Ways to Get Healthier in the New Year.”

“New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time of making promises to get healthier and live better. It makes sense that people think about ways to improve their lives on that day,” said William Long of Hot Tub Super Center. Here are 3 ways to get healthier during the coming year that people can start at any time to improve their way of life.

Sleep Well – The natural tendency is to think about diet and exercise when considering life changes that will improve health. Sleep is one of the most often overlooked aspect of healthy living, and it should be one of the first. The amount of sleep people get has a great impact on the quality of their lives. A lack of sleep can also cause weight gain, or at least the inability to lose weight. Get rid of electronics in the bedroom and shut out light so sunlight can’t get in too early.

The American Thoracic Society states that adults should have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. Missing out on a full night’s sleep even one day can throw the body off, according to their report. Of course, the longer the sleep disruption lasts, the more impact it has on their lives. The report also states that even though 7 is the minimum number of hours of sleep adults typically need, everyone has a different biological need, and people should pay attention to their bodies. Feeling sleepy during the day, or while operating a car may be a signal that more sleep is required.

Make One Change a Day – Deciding to eat better is a great way to live healthier. Massive changes can be hard to maintain over time though. Instead of doing a drastic overhaul of a diet, make small changes every day. Set up a schedule that includes making one change every day over the course of a few months until the new way of eating is a natural way of life.

When instilling new habits into the family for everyone’s benefit, making the changes can even take place over a longer period of time. Make one small change every week, or month depending on how adaptive everyone is to the idea of change. Decide to get rid of one type of snack food at a time over the course of the year. Make a change to eat a vegetable at every meal. Each change happens at a different time, so the overall effect is gradual and easier to handle.

Soak Daily in a Roseville Hot Tub - Add a hot tub session to the day’s schedule for healthy benefits all year round. A late evening soak is a very beneficial way of making use of the hot water therapy. While soaking in a hot tub is good at any time of the day, when soaking in the evening, the body can prepare for bed and get a better night’s sleep too. Having a hot tub at home makes getting a relaxing hot water therapy session at night easier and more economical. There’s no need to run to the local club to use the public facilities, or pay high monthly fees. A hot tub at home gives the whole family access to the benefits of the regulated heat and massaging jet streams that have been a source of healing since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

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