Non-Profit to Jumpstart Trickle-Up Economy

Dayton, OH, December 29, 2014 --( The What Would Love Do Foundation announces it is initiating a new trickle-up economy through a grant program requiring grassroots participation from its website at

A joint project with What Would Love Do Int’l, the non-profit has set out to redefine charity and charitable giving by removing the division between giver and receiver, requesting grant applicants pay forward a $7 application fee and include an essay.

The Be the Change Grant program supports individuals who currently are or would like to make a difference in the lives of others by exemplifying love in in action in a way that effects lasting and measurable change.

“This is an incredibly exciting time as more of us realize that we are inextricably interconnected, and that this bond is our true source of strength,” says both organizations’ founder, Christine Horner. “Expecting the world to change is missed opportunity. Instead, we withdraw our participation in constructs that no longer make sense, joining together cooperatively to transform the world in a way that is in alignment with highest human and planetary potential.”

The foundation recently issued a supplementary report to the Be the Change Grants Program stating that capitalism is not viable as a long term economic system as unsustainable growth is required to prevent the economy from collapsing in upon itself.

“It is time to fully admit that we are all responsible in some way for the man-made condition of poverty that continues to persist,” says Horner. “Current trickle-down models don’t deliver what they promise to nearly enough people, not even in the world of charities. We can change even that. Are you excited yet?"
What Would Love Do Foundation
Christine Horner