Rabarama Interview with Istanbul Art Snob Magazine

In 2014 Rabarama partecipated at the Art Fair Contemporary Istanbul, with Gallery Ilayda, and her artworks had a great success among Istanbul art lovers and collectors. Following the event, the magazine Istanbul Art Snob interviewed the Artist about her career and the relationship with Oriental cultures.

Istanbul, Turkey, December 31, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The interview represent is the most recent one of Rabarama, regarding her recent career and has interesting points about her inspiration and focus on the body: “Our society is moving towards a total annihilation of the body even if many would say that this is not true because the body is so present in mass media and culture. This is the point: it is really present but as a product, not as the 'temple of life' that it is. 
I think that a way to contrast this is to refer strongly to the harmony and beauty of the human body, to make its inner value explicit: the body is the symbol of life, feelings, relationships, identity.”

The relationship between the Artist and Oriental cultures has always been a constant in her works, from the I-Ching series of sculptures to the symbols and letters of Chinese and Indian tradition on the skin of her sculptures, as Rabarama declares: “I feel that the Far Eastern culture was already present in my culture (maybe thanks to Venice, Marco Polo and many others) and when I repeatedly visited China I really recognized the importance of Asian culture (in general). I was fascinated by it, but not only because of 'exoticism' but because of a sort of 'familiarity', as the Oriental spirituality is so universal!”

The interview reveals also some of the future projects of Rabarama: “I’m involved in very stimulating projects for 2015 and I’m happy to announce that the next year there will be the second edition of the Rabarama Skin Art Festival (with Kryolan) where the best body artists from Italy will be invited to create an artwork on the skin of the models.

“In January I will be in Amsterdam at Artist-IQ event (www.artist-iq.nl) and in March there will be an important event in Las Vegas, a charity event with the Cirque du Soleil to benefit the NGO One Drop and I will donate one of my sculpture to contribute (and this sculpture is related to another big project involving art, science, culture but I can not speak of it now…top secret… )”

The full interview is published on http://istanbulartsnob.com/interview/interview-with-italian-artist-rabarama/
Rabarama di Paola Epifani
Paola Epifani