Noah Kadish, J.D. Employment & Disability Lawyer Will Begin Offering Free Consultations in 2015

Noah Kadish, J.D. Employment & Disability Lawyer has begun offering a brand new service to disability clients across Ontario: starting in 2015, all Ontario residents that have been denied their long term disability benefits are eligible to receive 100% free legal assessments.

Toronto, Canada, January 06, 2015 --( Beginning in 2015, Noah Kadish, J.D. Employment & Disability Lawyer is offering 100% legal assessments for all Ontario residents that have been denied their short or long term disability benefits.

Until now, clients who were denied their disability benefits may not have been in a position to secure legal advice in order to appeal or dispute the disability denial. With the new service offered by Employment & Disability Lawyers, one may now seek advice and receive an explanation of the different options available before commencing a disability claim or appeal.

Noah Kadish, J.D. Employment & Disability Lawyer, who can be reached at, has also launched a new blog and have begun providing 100% free disability denial assessments across Ontario. Previously many individuals who were denied long term disability benefits were required to pay for consultations that may not remain affordable once disability benefits are discontinued.

Those who have had their long term disability benefits denied must be careful not to allow a limitation period to pass before initiating a long term disability claim.

Long term disability appeals are also an area that can be reviewed with a long term disability lawyer. The appeal process will be contained within one's long term disability policy. One may choose whether to initiate an appeal or to commence a long term disability claim or lawsuit.

One must make sure that the lawyer they contact practices within the jurisdiction that is appropriate to their claim.

A lawyer can review a disability case and help determine the appropriate course of action to be taken. In addition to protecting the limitation period, one may attempt to determine the reason for the denial. Reasons may include a disputed vocational status, insufficient medical documentation in support of the disability, or administrative reasons. The administrative reasons include issues with policy payments, eligibility, or a number of other potential issues with one's claim.

There are a number of factors to review when choosing a lawyer. Choose a lawyer that practices in the applicable jurisdiction, as described above. Further, ask what fee-method will be applied. Some clients are unable to pay hourly legal fees and would instead ask that a "contingency fee" is applied. This is a method of payment wherein the client does not pay the lawyer directly, but instead the lawyer will be paid a portion of the fees recovered on behalf of the client. This is what is usually meant when lawyers advertise "don't pay until win."

Contact a qualified long term disability lawyer today to provide legal advice and to help review rights and an appropriate course of action.
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