E-Dinner is Helping in Reducing Food Wastage and Feeding the Hungry

E-Dinner is playing a vital role in collecting excessive food from different places and redistributing them to the hungry in need. The program is fully automated and eliminates number of different processes to ensure money and time saving.

Sarasota, FL, January 01, 2015 --(PR.com)-- E-Dinner, a Sarasota, Florida based company is playing a vital role in feeding the hungry who simply do not have the means to buy food. At the same time, the company is providing a solution to one of the biggest issues faced by the Nation at the present times – food wastage. The company has set up a system to recover excessive food prepared at places including restaurants, grocery stores, arenas, stadiums, schools, cafeterias in federal state and local building, food concessionaires, food banks and national parks among others and redistribute them to the hungry.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of the company said, “We feel proud to help the hungry get food, while taking care of one of the biggest issues costing the nation millions of dollars every year.” He further added, “What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we have an automated computerized system in place that reduces a number of steps followed by other organizations working in the field. This way, we are able to redistribute the excess food in lesser time efficiently, while saving the time, effort and money.”

Experts of the field confirm that most feed the hungry charities are able to reach out to food purveyors to collect the food that is then transported, offloaded, stored, refrigerated, re-prepared and reserved. The time spent in the process again results in wastage of food as well as time, efforts and money. E-Dinner sets up a direct link between end user and purveyors after taking into consideration a number of different factors including location, dietary needs and religion among others. The predefined recipients are altered in case of availability of food. If they are interested, they are provided with a unique code to access the food as well as address of purveyor located nearby. Those investing in the program can also make profits, while those donating gets tax deductions.

E-Dinner has collaborated with Feed the Future, Inc. to take care of computer program managing the entire process.

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