Long Island Exchange; LIUsedCars.com Launch Car Finding Service

LIUsedCars.com, the premiere automotive destination on the web for consumers to find quality used cars in the Long Island area, ads vehicle alert system.

Lindenhurst, NY, January 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- LIUsedCars.com, the premiere destination on the web for consumers to quickly and easily find the quality used cars they’re looking for in the Long Island area, announced today the launch of their new Car Finding Service, a groundbreaking new feature to their website that will make any user’s vehicle search all the more effective while saving them time and effort; commodities that anyone juggling the time-consuming responsibilities of everyday life could use just a little bit more of.

LIUsedCars.com is an internet portal where both pre-owned vehicle dealerships and private sellers can list their inventories to customers in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Brooklyn counties, as well as New York City; this allows buyers to browse the largest selection of used cars local to their area all in one comprehensive website instead of having to wade through the convoluted route of print newspapers, random online ads, and other classified sites, according to John Colascione, Founder and President of Searchen Networks Inc., an Internet marketing and digital media corporation based on Long Island, New York and LIUsedCars.com’s parent company.

“When I created LIUsedCars.com, it was with one single, focused purpose- it was initially a website designed to advertise the inventories of various Long Island-based dealerships, all on one single website. This way, consumers could find what they were looking for in one place, as opposed to having to look on ten or more,” he said. “Using traditional methods, a buyer may eventually track down the make or model they’re looking for, but by the time they find it, that car could wind up being in Ohio. With LIUsedCars.com, you can find what you’re looking for locally, and with literally no hassle, as we do the searching for you.”

With today’s announcement of the launch of its Car Finding Service, however, LIUsedCars.com has stepped up its game a thousand fold with a unique way to get buyers the cars they want, sooner and easier than ever.

Always had a special certain car, truck, or SUV on your mind but find yourself without the time to devote to actually pounding the pavement looking for it? LIUsedCars.com’s Car Finding Service effectively does the looking for you, just as thoroughly and with as much attention to detail as if the buyer had been pouring through the classified themselves every minute of the day.

Colascione notes that the new Car Finding Service will spearhead several incredible innovations in the used car market, highlighting the hand-in-hand combination of technology and convenience for consumers searching for that special vehicle but lacking the time and wherewithal to actively seek it out for themselves. Instead, Colascione said that in addition to Searchen’s proprietary software linking website inventory data export systems and call tracking technology together, the ability for LIUsedCars.com to intelligently do the searching for you is now available.

“Let’s say that you’re looking for a Corvette...and not just any Corvette, but a specific make, model, year, price range, or color. Finding exactly what you’re looking for in that respect can be like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack,” he said. “But at LIUsedCars.com, all a buyer has to do is enter their search criteria into our website – as general or as detailed as they want – and every single day, our search engine will pour through all of the inventories of every dealer that lists with us, and send the buyer an immediate alert the second their search criteria finds a match. It makes finding that special car you’ve had your eye on fast, easy, and instantly assessable.”

Colascione noted that the ability of LIUsedCars.com to accurately search for the cars that its users are looking for, freeing them up from the burden of time and effort spent, is a unique feature in the pre-owned vehicle industry; part of this is because the service is centered directly on this region, Colascione said.

“It’s specific to Long Island,” he said. “No one else has it, and it’s a very original idea to this market and this type of feature. I’ve never seen it before.”

With its new Car Finding Service combined with its extensive dealer and private seller listings and a drive to always push the envelope in terms of technology and customer service, Colascione said that LIUsedCars.com is now the destination for Long Island buyers to get the car they’ve always wanted, when they want it, and – most importantly – for a price they can afford.

“This is the easiest place to find the car you’re looking for...you don’t even really have to look, as we take care of even that for you,” he said. “So, just go to https://www.liusedcars.com/alert-my-car/ put in your search criteria, and when a match comes up, you’ll be notified instantly. LIUsedCars.com is the best place to find used cars on Long Island, guaranteed. Give us a try and you’ll see why the others can’t compare to what we bring to the table.”

LIUsedCars.com enjoys a strategic partnership with several high-profile Long Island-based online publications – including Long Island Exchange, The Guide to Everything That Is Long Island, and cutting-edge newspaper NewsLI.com, that serve to broaden its scope and customer selection; all three services are now under the banner of parent company Searchen Networks Inc.

To use the service or find out more please visit https://www.liusedcars.com/alert-my-car/.
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