MixedTea, Maker of Premium Quality Loose Leaf Tea Mixes Launches Service

MixedTea is the maker of premium quality loose leaf teas offered from select regions and estates from around the world. With the new service its members can make their own mixes of teas from the selection of teas offered at the website. Members may customize their own recipe of teas. This unique service is only offered by MixedTea for its members.

Saratoga, CA, January 05, 2015 --(PR.com)-- MixedTea, the only tea company that offers its members a unique personalization service has launched its website and service offering. The service features a unique way for its members to customize the selection of teas that will be premixed for them and arrive in a personalized package. The company offers a selection of premium quality teas from around the world. The products have been specially selected for their high quality. “People have many choices today when they are looking for loose leaf teas,” said MixedTea CEO Ramin Naimi. “The problem with what’s available today is that you have to trust someone else’s taste of what makes a good tea. You have no option of personalizing your tea. MixedTea offers a service for those of us that feel unsatisfied with other people’s choices of tea recipes. You can make your own mixedtea at MixedTea.com.”

Once the personalized tea mixes are selected by the member, the company will provide the mix in the quantity selected and package the tea with a QR code that will help make reordering (or remixing) a very easy process. MixedTea plans to add more selection of teas for its members to choose from in the coming weeks.

MixedTea will roll out the service gradually to ensure members receive the premium service they expect. To participate in the new service you may sign up on the MixedTea.com website.

MixedTea is a small company with a mission to deliver personalized premium teas to its members. MixedTea is also committed to help feed the hungry children by donating a portion of its profits to charities that focus on feeding children.

MixedTea is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Ramin Naimi
(408) 915-8320