Improve Your Health in as Little as 5 Minutes a Day

The following exercises promote strength, flexibility, endurance, stability, proper stress response, sharp intellect, and proper brain function.

Sacramento, CA, January 09, 2015 --( Pilates not only sculpts lean muscles, it provides you with strong core strength, good balance, and flexibility. Dr. Andrea Rosario from Functional Longevity Institute states her favorite benefit of Pilates is the dynamic strengthening that occurs. Unlike other strengthening exercises, you strengthen your muscles through many ranges of motion that are most similar to real-life movement. This helps greatly increase stability and resistance to injury.

Walking daily can be relaxing and rejuvenating exercise. Depending on the style of walking, you can maintain your endurance, speed, and flexibility by incorporating this joyful practice, of all which are essential for vitality as you age.

Poor breathing can result in less oxygenation of brain and boy tissues, as well as pain, postural imbalances, and mood disorders. Try this: With one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, take slow, deep breaths. You inhale and exhale should be equal in duration. Inhale air into your abdomen without allowing your chest to rise. Exhale completely. Repeat for at least one minute.

A high stress lifestyle has become normal in our culture. Many of us live in a constant state of overactive "fight or flight" mode. This has negative effects on our hormones, sleep, blood sugar, and brain health. Meditation is a powerful tool in healing and preventing unhealthy internal mechanisms. Various types of meditation are often prescribed based on brain health goals.

Holding a plank position for 30-60 seconds is great for your core muscles. Core strength is vital not only to prevent back problems and increase stability, but also to ensure proper breathing and oxygenation of your body tissues.

Dr. Rosario is a Functional Neurologist who enjoys working closely with patients in her Sacramento clinic. After struggling for more than 25 years with severe autoimmune thyroid disease, Dr. Rosario sought to heal herself by learning from leaders in cutting edge health practices. Now she strives to guide others towards optimal health as well.
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