Don’t Want That Perfume? Trade It on Dotfully! World’s First Social Beauty Marketplace Launches

Headquartered in San Francisco, Dotfully is a free peer-to-peer marketplace where members can give away extra beauty products that are new or once-loved for Dotfully points. Dotfully points can be then used to get products from other members for free!

Don’t Want That Perfume? Trade It on Dotfully! World’s First Social Beauty Marketplace Launches
San Francisco, CA, January 13, 2015 --( Dotfully ( has solved the problem of what to do with that drawer full of barely-used cosmetics. Launched today in San Francisco, this innovative startup offers a new way women can share, discover, and exchange beauty products for free.

“Dotfully is beyond a trading marketplace, it is a strong and vibrant community where members share amazing makeup tips, beauty tutorials, and latest trends,” said Emily Co, Popsugar Blog Editor and one of Dotfully’s early adopters.

Dotfully members are allowed to trade in items that are unused or barely-loved (like a perfume gift from an ex) for Dotfully Points; these Points can then be used to acquire products from other members.

“Dotfully enables members a way to share their excess and shop guilt-free for the cosmetics they always wanted to try,” explained Dotfully CEO Mona Zhao.

The Idea

Ms. Zhao and her Co-Founder Lily Xu, know this guilt all too well – each had drawers full of unwanted cosmetic products that they either purchased or received as samples. Many were never opened, or used just once. Feeling bad about throwing perfectly good items in the trash, they decided instead to create Dotfully and teamed with tech guru Kenneth Lo to make it come to life.

“Beauty is a huge industry. Women accounted for $245 billion in sales revenue of cosmetics and beauty products worldwide in 2014. How much of that goes unused?” Zhao remarked.

How Dotfully Works

Dotfully aims to simplify the complexity of trading amongst multiple parties by handling all transactions, shipping logistics, ensuring community safety, and providing top-tier customer support.

Joining Dotfully is easy and seamless. Members sign up on the website and receive 250 Dotfully Points free to start them on the social beauty experience.

Dotfully strives to create the first beauty community where everyone is welcome to share anything from products and advice to the hottest new looks and styles, with a philosophy to make it easy and fun.
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