The Reiki Way Learning Center Clinic Opens to the Public in Brick, NJ

Brick, NJ, January 10, 2015 --( The Reiki Way Learning Center opens its doors officially to the public on January 5, 2015. The Clinic is located at 1613 Rt. 88 West, Lakewood, NJ. The Center has been in existence for two years and has been on a volunteer basis. The Center focuses on training and advancing the Reiki practitioners by giving them a place to practice and to expand their Reiki skills up to the Master Practitioner/Teacher level through weekly Reiki shares and class observations. The Clinic was created as a result of a vital need to support the health and wellness of our families and the community. Master practitioners are now able to work at a centralized location for the good of the general public and for their personal good, as well.

“The local community and general public of Ocean County, NJ has been in dire need of dis-tress relief and therapy for many years. The statistics of body, mind, and spirit pain are overwhelmingly alarming in this part of New Jersey and this type of energetic therapy works wonders on all levels of our humanness. With regular sessions, dis-stress relief is realized and documented for proof of holistic improvement on all levels,” said Suzanne McMurray, Founder, The Reiki Way Learning Center.

Reiki is an alternative, energetic healing therapy that utilizes an ancient Japanese tradition of healing and relief from dis-stress from physical and emotional pain. Reiki can be administered as often as is necessary. Twice per week is optimal in producing dramatic, holistic healing results. The Reiki Clinic is offering Reiki sessions of 50 minutes for $50.00.

The Reiki Way Learning Center is a full-service Holistic Health and Reiki Training Facility that provides an innovative and supportive environment for caregivers to reconnect with the fulfilling and gratifying aspects of care-giving.

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