Mortgage Specialists from Invis-The Siemens Group Help Those Who Are Less Fortunate

Vancouver, Canada, January 10, 2015 --( Mortgage specialists from Siemens Group have always been dedicated to changing the lives of the less fortunate; to this end, they play a central role in working with the homeless, including sponsoring Angels in the Night. The partnership provides much-needed funds and supplies for homeless shelters across Vancouver and other cities throughout Canada.

Angels in the Night work tirelessly across the country to support existing shelters and drop-in centers for the less fortunate. The majority of the work undertaken by the Angels takes place during the lead up to the holiday season when the weather is at its coldest. Being homeless during this period is especially hard, and any support is always gratefully received by the shelters. The Angels in the Night concept ensures that the support continues year to year, at the time it is most needed.

The vision of Invis’ Bruce Coleman of making a positive impact on the lives of the homeless was soon realised, and volunteers from mortgage brokers Vancouver BC began working with him in 2002. In their first December, Bruce Coleman and his volunteers raised over $17,000 for the cause. Each December, the volunteers use the funds that are raised to provide supplies, including blankets, to shelters and drop-in centers across the city. Volunteers work hand in hand with shelters to meet the needs of the wide range of clients that require these services. Shelters support everyone from the very young to the elderly. Whole families often find themselves in need of support during some of the coldest months of the year. Siemens are grateful for the continuing opportunity to be able to support such a worthwhile and much-needed cause.

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