Provides a Fun, Engaging and Efficient Way for Job Seekers to Discover Their True Career Potential

Career Thesaurus is an online portal that provides job and career exploration tools for job seekers of all ages. People who use will discover jobs and careers that match their personal attributes, interests and passions.

Brooklyn, NY, January 10, 2015 --( When it comes to job and career exploration, discovering a suitable career direction or a job can be hard work in and of itself.

CareerThesaurus’s job discovery tool simplifies the process in a fun way, using a methodology that factors in personal preferences, job characteristics, and interests to help establish a probable career direction. The interactive platform allows job seekers to uncover career options and jobs based on fun self-assessment questions, and the advanced algorithms take care of the rest.

In short, the team at has created an engaging and interactive career assessment platform that doesn't feel like a chore. Users discover their ideal career paths and develop strategies to achieve them through a customized personality and interest quiz process.

Founder of, Rick Ellis, has a unique outlook on the Career Exploration Process. He believes that curating a master career list that spans across various industries is the perfect solution to optimize job seekers' time and produce relevant results.

"People are more likely to excel in their profession when it fits their personal attributes and passions,” says Ellis. "We want people to discover their career potential in a fun and efficient way."

Through the site's custom personality test, interest mapping and tag clouding, users will gain access to innovative tools that will empower them in their career research. Many users have reported that the tool helped them discover career tracks of which they were not previously aware.

To learn more about this free career assessment tools, visit for a demo.
Christopher Russell