Valuebound Launches Learning Management Portal for KnowBigData

Big Data Learning Platform powered by Bangalore-based Drupal Expert company Valuebound Interactive.

San Jose, CA, January 15, 2015 --( Valuebound ( is an innovative technology firm focused on creating custom Drupal solutions across multiple domains. The recent launch of KnowBigData’s LMS is proof of Valuebound’s commitment to partner with technology pioneers while showcasing its extensive expertise in Drupal.

KnowBigData approached Valuebound with some out of the box development goals that would require equally challenging solutions. Valuebound succeeded in creating custom web solutions for KnowBigData within a designated time frame due to an invaluable experience of working closely with the education sector (BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore). Valuebound’s core competencies like customization of modules, complex data integration and flawless architectural planning proved to be an added advantage for a flawless execution of the project.

KnowBigData is an online training resource provider, dedicated to creating exceptional learning experiences through their enterprise level certification programmes. These online courses are meant for IT professionals who want to further their careers as certified Big Data specialists. The online training sessions are interactive with a focus on the practical application of the concepts as opposed to a typical text-book course.

Valuebound created the KnowBigData website by implementing Drupal 7, an open source CMS well known for its flexibility. The infrastructure of the site has been formulated based on the learner-centric approach of an LMS, which means that it can be customized to the preferences of different users on the site. The architecture of the site facilitates an easy collation of virtual learning resources like webinars, video lessons, assigned quizzes and course content. The creation of customized courses has been made easy with a scalable architecture that lets the instructors accommodate the authenticated students in the online classrooms without trouble.

Sandeep Giri, Founder and Lead Consultant, KnowBigData commented, “KnowBigData is going to revolutionize the Big Data and Analytics Sector. Our Training and Certification initiatives are not only meant to add value to an IT professional’s resume but to provide a holistic learning experience through instructor led programs and live projects. Valuebound has helped us in coming up with a robust learning management platform within a short timespan. The navigability across webpages and different sections is exceptionally smooth to create a great user experience. With an ever-increasing list of clients, we are all geared up to provide them with multiple features like: Live webinars, recorded videos of past classes, simulated practice papers, live Big Data lab access (Cloud Labs™) etc.”

The KnowBigData LMS is well equipped with a robust online infrastructure, the key highlight being the Cloud Labs™ along with relevant Big Data tools to provide a hands-on experience for the learners. The learning experience is particularly fulfilling due to the instructor-led teaching environment which leaves no scope for unclarified doubts on a topic. The courses are well structured with a learner-centric approach wherein a learner can access online tools and information or can engage in online exercises and quizzes at their own convenience. An active engagement is promoted online through online workshops and real-time projects. In addition to all this, there is a Forum to provide a dedicated platform for technical discussions and troubleshooting to ensure continued learning.

“This Drupal-based LMS we have built for will enable its clients to access heavy multimedia learning content 24X7 without any glitches. KnowBigData with its learner centric approach is set to redefine the Big Data and Analytics learning space. Technology is just an enabler and Valuebound wants to make its presence felt by helping its clients to streamline and flawlessly execute a technical strategy,” said Sujit Kumar, Director at Valuebound Interactive.

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Sujit Kumar