TeraValve Offers Revolutionary Water Valve to Save Water and Sewer Bills Nationwide

Reducing the excess volume of water is vital to battle increasing water costs and the overall scarcity of water itself. Now, TeraValve offers a patented water saving valve to address global problems and lessen 8-20% of water and sewer bills as well.

Summit, NJ, January 16, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Be it a property management company, hotel, food processing unit, etc. reduction in water and sewer bills is a must. High excess volume will eventually lead to water waste and increased charges. Installing a water reducing valve is important and every place must have it to normalize their water bills. A valve can regulate the pressure and this keeps the water waste under control.

"Regulating water pressure is important as this is one of the main overall problems in addressing water conservation within an organization. Water valves without proper regulatory features can damage any expensive equipment in no time. There are several factors to be considered when installing a valve such as determining location of install and proper maintenance procedures as well. The water valve system installed with a certified team and in the correct placement will make it a long term win for the organization. The TeraValve system is a proven way to counter escalating water bills," said President, Paul Pape.

Identifying a city meter that is over charging or identifying a water leak is pivotal to prevent before it worsens. The TeraValve water system is installed with software that will give real time alerts when there is a possible leak and allow for maintenance to check the city meter for calibration. These issues will save the organization tens of thousands of dollars.

A director at TeraValve, a renowned water savings and conservation company producing patented valves, communicated, "Our motto is to focus on water saving valves within a water system that can cut bill costs down 8-20%. Our breakthrough technology has enabled us produce an effective valve that can address water waste issues without any hassle and built in maintenance measures. Meter accuracy and eliminating excessive water consumption are other features that have made us popular and widely celebrated. Our valve reduces excessive pressure effectively and steadies the water flow perfectly."

A client quoted, "I detected a water leak in our building with TeraValve's water management software and had it resolved same day. This feature was brought to my attention by a TeraValve representative and I honestly didn't see us really getting use from this. Our facility manger told us in a monthly meeting that this software has been a great investment by the building owners."

About TeraValve:

TeraValve offers revolutionary valves that can cut bills down to 8-20% and saves water waste as well. Their water savings services extend to property management companies, hotels, food processing plants, laundry mats and car washes, etc. Their patented water saving valve is highly favored by large water users.

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