Denver-Based Granite Distributor Granite Imports Sheds Light on the Granite Packaging Process for Granite Countertops

Denver, CO, January 17, 2015 --( For anyone looking to understand the complex granite import business, Granite Imports is sharing their experiences on the many barriers that can pose problems during the packaging process. From the various sizing requirements of each granite slab to the protection process, Granite Imports knows the ins and outs of what it takes to package and deliver granite countertop supplies properly.

Granite countertop slabs can vary in their shape and design, which makes packaging a procedure that must be adapted to each piece. Failure to consider the unique characteristics of each piece of granite and individually pack them in crates or pallets can lead to product damage and decrease the value of your products. When shopping for granite countertop slabs always inquire about the way your stone will be packaged and delivered.

Packing material is typically placed in between the polished surfaces of the granite as well as between the granite and wood to protect them from damage such as scratches and nicks. Furthermore, each granite order must a fill 20-foot container, which is around 360 pounds, to net a profit. Without properly packaging your granite slabs and taking their weight into consideration, your business can quickly fall behind.

No matter the initial quality of your granite, if your packaging procedures are not properly handled than its quality can be ruined. With their scrupulous packaging procedures and emphasis on preserving the value of their granite slabs, Granite Imports knows how to overcome the packaging barriers of the granite countertop industry to maintain the quality of their products.

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